Home Equity Loan: how it works and associated benefits

By: Jesper Jensen

What are the benefits of a home equity loan? The major benefits are that a home equity loan is a very useful loan when in need of financing significant home repairs, medical bills, etc. Furthermore, home equity loans, typically, have a lover interest rate; they are easier to qualify for when having a bad credit; and, finally, payments may be tax deductible.

A home equity loan, with the acronym HEL, allows homeowners to borrow money by using the equity in their home as collateral, i.e. the homeowner’s pledge of property to lender, to secure repayment of the loan. Thus, the home equity loan creates a lien, a security interest granted over the borrower’s house, and reduces actual home equity. It is common that home equity loans are second position liens, but it is possible that they can be held in first or third position.

Lenders tend to be more liberal in terms of home equity loans, because they consider that these loans are relatively safe. If you default on your loan, you cannot disappear with your property and, consequently, the lender can recollect the collateral. Besides, it is a common fact that homeowners are likely to prioritize payments, when their homes are at stake.

Generally, borrowers use the home equity loan when faced with some of life’s larger expenses due to the fact that houses have a significant value to borrow against; so, whether you want to consolidate high-interest debts, renovate or redecorate your home or finance your children’s education, then a home equity loan may result very attractive.

However, you should be aware of the risks that are associated with the home equity loans. Most importantly, you can lose your house if you fail to fulfill the payments required by the loan. It should also be stressed that you have to be aware of scammers; be sure you can trust your entity.

If you are interested in home equity loans, you should try to find the best loan at your disposal, because you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Try different banks, brokers; ask your personal network if they have any recommendations and be sure to compare the different offers that you receive.

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