Home BusinessesWhat To Beware Of

By: David Gates

Home businesses are very attractive and viable sources of income. It is an excellent source for a person to supplement their income just by working weekly from the comfort of their home. Many entrepreneurs have thrived on such business. But as roses are accompanied by thorns so are these. Scams concerning home business are rampant these days.

As this is a sought after source of income various scams have cropped up. People set up false ways to earn money sitting at home, to lure innocent people into paying for stuff and services which end up being useless or nonexistent. And in turn they get rich.

The most popular home business scams for years have been the promise of people earning money by stuffing envelopes and mailing them out on someone's behalf. These services promise that if you purchase materials and send their materials out that you will receive a payment per envelope or per response, typically advertised as being a promise of one dollar per envelope earnings. In reality, these scams involve the mailing of fliers that tell other people to send the original outfit money for materials to do this type of work themselves, leaving you out of the monetary exchange loop altogether.

The second method of scamming people is to sell them coding and billing software worth hundreds promising them with work from medical outfits. But this work never comes and the person ends up having wasted hundreds of dollars. The scammers fool people, by giving them, lists of prospective clients in their area for a fee.

The medical coding business scams are not only expensive to get into - with much of the software costing hundreds of dollars - but can also be an illegal activity in some areas. Many jurisdictions require medical coding and billing outfits and individuals to be trained in an accredited program and have a license with agencies to do this work. Plus, many medical outfits use businesses that can process large amounts of data more efficiently than an individual. In these cases, the individual that purchases the software has literally done just that, with no prospect of using it to make money.

Another home business is the one where a person buys a assembly kit and assembles the product for a company and sends it back in return of payment. Not only is this time consuming but the assembled product is often rejected and a lot of money and time goes down the drain.

A fourth type and rapidly growing category of home business scams is the data entry and home typing field. While there are many reputable data entry firms that operate on the internet, there are just as many that promise you money for filling out forms and spreadsheets that will leave you out in the cold when it comes time to pay you for your work. These firms offer high payouts, but reject your work as not up to some standard and cause you not to be paid for your efforts. This field is also a popular area for legitimate businesses to operate, so be aware of which firms are reputable and which ones are not.

So the person seeking a viable home business will have to do his own homework regarding which company is legitimate and which is not. But one thing is sure, even if you are working from the comfort of your home you will have to work hard.

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