History of Menís Stainless Steel Rings Ė The Alternative to the ďAlternativesĒ


Isnít it funny how something can be right in front of you but you never pay attention to it? Jewelry buyers may find that menís stainless steel rings are one of these things. Men have been searching for that ďperfect metalĒ for decades, and each time another alternative metal is introduced it seems to have some ĒissueĒ that makes it less attractive. For tungsten carbide it is usually the darker gray color, for titanium it may be too lightweight, and for palladium it may be the price. But menís stainless steel rings seem to have the right mix of all the important characteristics, making them the perfect alternative to the ďalternatives!Ē

Stainless Steel Wedding Band
Whatís so great about menís stainless steel rings?

Menís stainless steel rings may not sound as ďsexyĒ as tungsten carbide, or black titanium, but try to suspend judgment until you hear all the facts. The truth is, these rings have a brilliant and clean look that is whiter and brighter than titanium and tungsten. It feels comfortable on the hand without being too heavy or too light, and it stands up to the punishment of everyday wear without scratching. Add to that the fact that 316L stainless steel rings are hypoallergenic and require no maintenance. They will never tarnish or bend, nor will they wear down over time, and they can easily be removed in the event of an emergency.

What about fashion?

Stainless Steel Eternity Band
If you think the newer industrial metals have style, just wait until you see the countless varieties of menís stainless steel rings. They range from whimsical rings like NASCAR rings and ďBatmanĒ rings to designer eternity bands with a string of CZs. In between there are several different ways for men to wear stainless steel. Guys who like the ďtribal lookĒ will appreciate a black stainless steel ring emblazoned with a red dragon or a tribal die-cut ring. Stainless steel is also featured in many collections of Christian and Hebrew rings, Celtic rings and biker rings. There are stainless steel skull rings, bike chain rings, Gothic crosses, triple-band spinners, promise rings, puzzle rings, hammered rings and more. With menís stainless steel rings, it is easy to make a different fashion statement every day of the week, and their prices make it possible to do this.

Black Stainless Steel Band
Menís stainless steel rings are affordable!

When shoppers land on pages full of menís stainless steel rings on the top jewelry retailersí websites, they often do a double take, especially when they see the prices. Itís difficult to find a single ring that costs more than $30 at some of these online stores, and some sell stainless steel rings below $20. But donít expect to find a lot of plain looking stainless steel designs on these pages. No other metal offers such a diverse selection of styles, from fashion rings to wedding bands. Itís even possible to find large size menís wedding rings in stainless steel. Some customers express concerns about wearing stainless steel rings for men in place of a traditional band. However once they see the selection of affordable and attractive rings available today, itís clear that stainless steel wedding rings are here to stay.

If you need a robust menís ring that wonít tarnish or rust and you like the bright white finish of this metal, then menís stainless steel rings are a very affordable and long lasting option. Stainless steel rings for men may not have quite the same luster as cobalt chrome or the distinctive gunmetal color of tungsten carbide, but sometimes itís the clean lines and easy maintenance of these rings that make them so attractive.

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If you need a robust menís ring that wonít tarnish or rust and you like the bright white finish of this metal, then menís stainless steel rings are a very affordable and long lasting option.

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