Hilarious views on new halloween costumes party

By: Robert James

It's that time of the year and awful taste and shabby Halloween costumes are all the rage again. A few people just don't seem to learn. You only have to look at the calamities from last year to see where even our much trendy celebrities missed the plot entirely.

For beginning, consider the context of where you are about to impose yourself on your fellow man and women. If you are confining yourself to your own home then the sky's the limit. If you’re nearest and dearest are the only ones who are going to see you then by all means be as bold and exploratory as you wish. If you are willing to throw your name and your marriage away in the pursuit of the ideal outfit, then by all means go right ahead. What we are anxious with here are those of you who are considering wondering out into the open.

Consider the fact that Halloween costumes have been getting obscene and obscene each year. It's not enough to be a parasite; you have to be a parasite with very enlightening clothing, even if you wear a size 18. No matter how you carve it, that outfit is going to be unsuccessful. Have a close look at what's on proffer for this year at the shops. Nothing is too illuminating or too short.

For the guys, the chance to make a complete ass of you is almost limitless. How about the "Breathalyzer Test" costume at the Halloween Party where you dress up in a box with a hose deliberately placed at crotch level for testing. That's sure going to go down well in accounts. Or for the more exploratory gent, the "Longuini and Meatballs" outfit with tactical placement of meatballs and huge sausage on your apron.

The depths to which the marketers will crouch in their pains to lower your bad taste levels are nearly missing. Few Sexy Halloween Costumes has become shabby and breaking down the bad taste boundaries is been motivated all round.

So break out those 4" high heels and ripped skirt and find something that is anatomically accurate and cucumber shaped and head off to the party. Endeavor not to be too original as one chap who decided to go as "Cinema Carpet". All it took was a black shirt, black pants, some glue and so much of popcorn, sweet wrappers and a few pieces of chewing gum. It's fully done at economic rates and also you enjoy and have so much of fun.

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