Higher Power Access through Law of Attraction

By: Mindy Ronaldson

The application of the Law of Attraction teaches us to bring into our realm the masterful creative of deliberate placement of intention and reaping their benevolent rewards. The Law of Attraction is actually based on the principles of universal work and universal co-creation. So these are basically the same laws applied in our lives, that which have been working throughout the universe. Esther and Jerry, life partners through marriage, have been searching for answers all their lives. Now that they have been blessed to receive through clairvoyance, the ways and means to access to the Laws of Attraction, they have been going about in guiding other people with the message of these laws. In fact Abraham, a spirit body communicates through Esther and they demonstrate the entire process through public as well. They have doing this, changing many lives, much in the way the Seth Books have changed the world. So these laws and how they work with us have also been divinely opened up through the inspired spirit work that has been coming out through Esther.
The books of Jerry and Esther have stayed on the best seller list ever since. There is no denying there that these methods work like a magic wand. In fact these methods keep working even though when you are unaware of them. Even more so when you are unaware of them as these are just laws of natures that incessantly go on to work with the making of the universe.
Growth and healing takes place through these laws and their careful application. The more we are acquainted to these laws, the more we understand how powerful and effective they are. These laws are always working and especially when we are not noticing. If they sound and feel great to you, you become all open to receive them and apply them in your lives. So the more open you are to them, the better you feel with them, the better they work for you.
What you learn through the simple yet profoundly life shifting ways of the Laws of Attraction are that there are no services, or no aspects of life and desires that you can have left undone with the science of their simple applications. The science of deliberate creation also makes way into the law of creation and makes way for greater work in the psychic fields. Since these are metaphysical laws helping you access the best of the physical world, one can actually have access to a greater part of the physical realm in this way.
You can have access to the wide number of popular online forums and communities dedicated to the celebration and discussion of these laws. You will have mastered these laws by talking and interacting with people who practice them. You don't have to practice for years and you don't have to attend their workshops if you are too far away from they are touring. You just need to be very clear on the prelims through which these laws work and with discussions with people in the online communities, you can actually come across many teachers and long term practitioners to learn how these effectively work and influence.

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