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Nowadays, cutting out coupons and having to drive somewhere to cash them in isn't your sole alternative. Online coupons debuted in the late 1990s and consumers are finding them even more popular today. It's obvious that sellers use coupons to promote certain products, in order to increase their sales and generate more revenue. There are many different types of coupons: discounts, free shipping, first-time customer coupons, and giveaways.
To make the best out of online coupon use, you should be able to decipher the meaning of the more common coupon terms and abbreviations found on online coupon and code lists. The list below is intended to serve as a useful guide to help you understand and recognize the abbreviations and acronyms you are most likely to come across when using online coupons.
*Addy: address of either your email, home or web page.
* B1G1F: buy one get one free - if you purchase a single item they match it with a free one.
* Barcode: an arrangement of thin and thick lines that can be used by a computer to label certain products. Used to come to item price and information and speed up a customer's check out, it's also their "proof of purchase" when using a coupon.
* CO or c/o: a "cash off" or "cents off" coupon.
*Coupon Code: A unique code, usually with an expiration date, that purchaser put in a certain area in the checkout procedure so that an online discount can be used.
* CPN: Coupon.
* FORM: questions to fill out to use a coupon. They can be found in retail outlets, on client bills of sale, in newspapers or periodicals, or on the internet.
* Money Plus: offers that call for money in addition to postage and handling costs.
NAZ: please fill in your name, address and zip code.
NB means national brand products, as compared to generic brand items.
If you see NED on your coupon or rebate offer it means: no expiration date, and the coupon or rebate may be use any time.
* OAS: Any one size, signaling that you can use the coupon to buy any size of the product that it's for.
* PK: one example might be a pack that contains gum.
(PP) = price for purchase.
I love when I get cool merchandise (also known as a premium) as part of a refund offer.
UNL (unlimited): you can redeem any number of coupons on one item.
There are online coupons for almost any product, including most items that you can buy in a grocery store. From the beginning, grocery coupons have provided a great way to save money. Nowadays, the internet has several sources for grocery coupons specifically where its easy to get the ones you need. The majority of these coupons are at no cost to you. There is no need to purchase a newspaper.
Contrary to what some may think, coupons found on the internet can be printed and used on your next trip to the store rather than exclusively online while code offerings are meant only for online savings.
Even without considerable computer know-how, you can still find and compare online coupons for numerous useful products with ease. When you utilize them judiciously, you can definitely save a bundle on the cost of groceries.

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