Herbal Treatment For Heavy Bleeding In Menstruation Cycles

By: Albert K Wilson

Heavy menstrual bleeding, which is medically termed as menorrhagia by healthcare providers is defined as soaking of tampon or pad every hour or less during a menstrual cycle. For many women, this issue is a huge obstacle for their life and for women facing such an issue rescheduling an activity around the menstrual period can cause a toll. Not just schedule buster, this issue can even lead to iron deficiency anemia as well. Even though, in the most cases, an anemia caused due to other reasons can be treated, when the menstrual period bleeding is excess, it can take women to a condition, where the entire volume of blood in the body drops, thereby leading to heart palpitations, severe fatigue and even shortness of breath requiring hospitalization.

To avoid these frustrating and fearful situations, it is recommended that women should take steps to cure heavy bleeding in menstruation. Some women are hesitant to seek medical help for this issue, but they need not have to seek medical help and can solve their issue on their own with Over-The-Counter herbal remedies that can be procured online. Such an herbal remedy called as Gynecure capsule can provide great relief to women from excessive menstrual periods. In addition to this issue, this herbal remedy can cure different issues related to menstruation and reproductive health in women. Before actually getting into some details about this multi-ingredient herbal remedy, it is suggested that women should understand the conditions that can lead to heavy menstrual bleeding.

Causes of heavy menstrual bleeding:

Generally, this condition can be caused due to the following reasons:

1. Imbalance in the essential hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

2. Dysfunction of ovaries

3. Uterine fibroids

4. Polyps, which denotes small and benign growth on the lining of uterus

5. Adenomyosis, which is a condition, when glands from the endometrium joins with the muscles in uterine

6. Intrauterine device for birth control

7. Complications related to pregnancy

8. Rarely cancer in cervix, uterus and ovaries can also lead to heavy menstrual period

9. Medications taken for certain conditions like anti-inflammatory medicines and anticoagulants can cause heavy periods

10. Other medical conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, thyroid issues, kidney, and liver diseases may also cause heavy menstrual periods and cramps.

How do Gynecure capsules help?

As mentioned earlier these are herbal treatments for heavy menstruation bleeding that can provide the best remedy for heavy bleeding in menstruation. Here is how these capsules can help:

1. If hormonal imbalance is the reason behind this condition, the effective ingredients present in these capsules can regularize the hormone secretion with regular usage and will provide the intended relief.

2. The polycystic ovaries and uterine fibroids causing heavy menstrual periods will also be addressed by some ingredients present in these capsules.

3. There are ingredients that can cure any issue present in genital passage and reproductive system in women, thereby helping women to get the right kind of relief for heavy bleeding in menstruation.

With regular use of Gynecure capsule, women can ensure overall uterine and reproductive health.

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