Herbal Remedies for Oligomenorrhea to Cure Irregular Periods Problem

By: Braylon Silvia

Most healthy women do not feel any problem during their periods. They may not cramp or get moody during the outflow. They may not bleed heavily, instead, just have spotting, and feel no pain. The problems of irregular periods are mostly caused by unhealthy gut and presence of Candida in the digestive tract. To cure irregular periods problem, cut out sugars and refined wheat products (because Candida feeds on sugars and gluten).

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is believed to be the commonest reasons for irregular periods, which can cause hair growth on body and infertility. There can be other reasons such as autoimmune disorders where the endocrine is disrupted due to genetic disorder or stress. Women taking mood regulating drugs can get irregular monthly outflow. Hypothyroidism and loosing or gaining too much weight, are other significant causes and these symptoms are interlinked as women suffering from thyroid issues may gain or lose weight uncontrollably. Stress disrupts the endocrine flow and damages the functioning of glands.

Poor blood circulation and nerve disorders are some side effects of stress, while, mineral deficiencies can alter the blood constitution causing irregular periods. Studies also suggest that most of the thyroid issues are autoimmune in nature, so how to get a cure for it and how to get back the monthly cycles on track. Some easy steps to cure irregular periods problem include - take food high in selenium, Vitamin D, vitamin A and get some herbal remedies for oligomenorrhea such as Gynecure capsules, which offers easy ways to restore the level of thyroids and it also helps to cure autoimmune disorders.

It has been observed that in most cases where women suffer from irregular periods due to thyroids problems - they are, primarily, suffering from a leaky gut where the gut is permeable and undigested food leaks into the bloodstream. These food particles are accumulated by the body's defense system as foreign molecules (because the constitution is similar to bacteria and Candida) and it causes autoimmune disorders which brings changes in the immune response of the body and the after effects lasts up to six months. Women who persistently suffer from such conditions may have symptoms such as memory problems, joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, sore throat, sleep disturbance etc. To cure irregular periods problem, one should take healthy foods and avoid caffeinated drinks and drugs.

The organs of the body- thyroids, hypothalamus and kidneys are all linked to metabolism and metabolism should be improved by taking healthy foods. Herbal remedies for oligomenorrhea Tapsivni or Sphaeranthus Indicus helps in regulating body weight and endocrine flow in body. It has anti inflammatory effects and can prevent growth of unwanted cysts in the ovaries.

Likewise, the herb Symplocos racemosa, as in the herbal remedies for oligomenorrhea such as Gynecure capsules can cure bleeding problems and eliminate bacterial / fungal infections from gut to enhance metabolic activities. These herbs provide bio chemicals to prevent auto immune reactions in body. They have estrogen enhancing effects to offer nourishment to female reproductive organs to reduce impact of aging in women.

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