Herbal Remedies for Excessive Masturbation Habit in Men that Give Faster Result

By: Aniruddh Taneja

Self-stimulation or masturbation is a method of gaining pleasure and release building pressure for mating medically. It is a highly addictive practice and has the potential to cause harm. There is only a thin line between healthy and harmful frequency of self-stimulation, and once it is crossed men face severe consequences that affect their vitality and potency. This practice is very harsh for delicate nerves and tissue lining of male organ or penis and leads to soft erections. Here in this guide we have mentioned some herbal remedies for excessive masturbation habit, check them out below:

Herbal treatment for masturbation is very safe for men and corrects hormonal problems efficiently. The most sought after herbs for alleviating the problems are Shilajit and Ashwagandha. Shilajit balances hormone and helps in elevating mood and activates nervous system for increasing response of sexual organs. Antioxidant properties promote better and optimum blood supply to genitalia.

Ashwagandha controls mental activity for better control of emotions and thereby helps in curbing the desire for frequent hand practice. This promotes good sexual behavior and treats premature ejaculation and low libido. The combination of Shilajit and Ashwagandha is the best treatment to control over masturbation and improved healthy life in men. They also help in better metabolism in the body and promote healthy life in men.

NF Cure capsules

These herbal capsules come loaded with lots of beneficial natural herbs. This is among the trusted remedy for the problem. It also offers lots of health benefits as it posses’ versatile properties that improve sexual and mental abilities of a male. There are no side effects of this herbal pill. This capsule possess the effective ingredients such as Ksheerika, Brahmadandi, Dridranga, Bhedani, Atimukyak, Purushratan, Long, Lauh bhasma, Pipal, Swarna bang, Shilajit, Kesar, Shatavari, Kavach beej, Ashwagandha and Safed musli that alleviates the main cause of the problem.

These powerful and potent herbs elevate the secretion of testosterone hormone naturally and safely. These herbs can also be used to strengthen male reproductive system and repair damage tissues. It helps overcome bad effects of masturbation.

Shilajit capsules

These herbal pills are required to cure all sorts of weakness and debilities in body. Shilajit capsule along with NF capsule can offer amazing health benefits. These capsules can reverse the bad effects of masturbation.

Mast Mood oil

The massage of herbal mast mood oil along with these 2 capsules can bring desired results faster. This oil contains powerful herbal ingredients that can supply more nutrients and oxygen to genital organ by enhancing the blood flow.

These three herbal products can bring magical results. This combination is safe to use and one can use it for long time. You can take 1 capsule of Shilajit and one NF capsule twice in a day after dinner and breakfast. You can take capsules with milk or water regularly for three months. You can take few drops of mast mood oil and massage over the genital organ. Repeat the process twice in a day.

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