Herbal Acne Treatments: Do They Effective In The Long Run?

By: Mike Walden..

The herbal acne treatments that you keep hearing about so much do they really work? Let me tell you the truth that I have found out after seven long years of research; a truth that no dermatologist, herbal practitioner or naturopath will ever tell you.

Herbal acne treatments: Let us first get introduced to the herbs

Herbs have been used over the years for various medicinal purposes from acnes, to rejuvenating birth, energy, spirituality, the list is endless. Herbal treatments are well known for their gradual and gentle ways and no side-effects.

Herbs are filled with important nutrients that we are not able to get from the food that we eat. Herbs work wonders with our body in order to temporarily balance it and to help in the healing process. Herbs help treat not only symptoms of a diseases but they help in dealing with the root cause itself.

In my seven years of research I have tested various herbal treatments with varying levels of potency with various individuals with varying types of acnes and severity and the conclusion that I have drawn is: if chosen and taken correctly herbal treatments work! Herbal treatments can actually help the body in getting rid of acnes but the effect is temporary and it needs to be accompanied with some other protocols that take care of the other factors that cause acne.

How do herbal acne treatments work?

All herbs are not alike, neither do they work the same or at the same pace with different individuals. Herbs are full of nutrients that help in the production of hormones, and in nourishing toning, regulating and healing the body. And herbs work in tandem with the body they address the root cause of the problem unlike conventional treatments that only treat the symptoms. Herbs work gradually and at a slow pace.

Herbs work collectively as each herb works in dealing with one factor that induces the disease. And when herbs are accompanied with the right food like fresh fruits and vegetables they prove to be more effective.

Herbal acne treatment like with any other natural cure lead to a temporary crisis i.e. the situation worsens before becoming better. Herbs stimulate the body towards a intensive detoxification and that leads the liver to discharge a lot of toxins in the blood stream which aggravates the situation for a while. But this is proves effective as it helps the body to restore to its natural tendency of healing itself and return to the state of homeostasis and work really hard to heal itself.

When taken in the form of blend or tincture herbal acne treatments prove really effective. They purify the blood of toxic build ups, help restore hormonal balance and enhance live functions and help it in expelling excess hormones and toxics out of the body. They also help in fighting Candida and various fungal infections that afflict the eliminations organs and worsen acnes condition.

The only problem being herbal acne treatments only work for a short time.

Why is the herbal acne treatment's effect only temporary?

Herbs do help the body in healing and rejuvenating itself by breaking up toxins and helping in the cleansing process but herbs can never completely and permanently cure your acnes.

Two reasons why this is so:

1. To permanently and completely cure your acnes you need to optimize your lifestyle and help your hormones reach the right balance, you also need have your elimination organs in good health. Herbs though definitely help in this process but they can never be a substitute.

For example: if like most acne sufferers you too suffer from toxic build ups in your system, cleansing herbs however effective they might be can never replicate a thorough blood and liver cleansing process. Just like a mechanical issue in your car can't be solved by only changing the fuel or oil.

2. There are some herbs like the Echinacea that helps in reducing inflammation and the aloe vera that has splendid astringent qualities and antibacterial properties that can be in fact continued to be taken for a long time. But most herbs should not be taken regularly. Most herbs like the dandelion work in cycles, i.e. they boost up a certain organ for some time and encourage it too work in high gear and then after some time the herbs stop working, that's their nature.

Another reason being the healing crisis that the herbs create in the body induces the body to harder to regulate itself and that in a way neutralizes the potency levels of the herbs.

Acne herbal treatments work better when working in tandem with other protocols

There are specific herbs that help in reducing symptoms induced by acnes. There are herbs that help in the cleansing process. Some herbs help in boosting various elimination organs, some help in achieving the hormonal balance. Some help in fighting fungal infections, harmful bacteria and parasites. Some help in strengthening the liver and purifying the blood. All of these together help in positively affecting your acne condition.

However, herbs end up exhausting the liver by intensely stimulating the liver to expel the build up of toxins and the excess hormones from the body. And when this happens the positive effect caused by herbs over your acnes slowly gets reduced.

It is better in fact to strengthen the liver beforehand so that even the temporary effect of the herbs reduces the liver still continues to expel the toxins from the body like before.

Also since the imbalance of hormones and the toxic build up is caused by various internal and external factors and the hormonal balancing and cleansing processes being complicated in nature herbs need other helping protocols along with the strengthening of the liver to successfully treat the acnes.

Conclusion: A herbal acne treatment to work effectively needs to be accompanied with various other protocols and also it needs to be kept in mind that herbs need to be taken in cycles such as 2-3 weeks on and then again the same number of weeks off.

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Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, Acne No More . For Further Information: Herbal Acne Treatments

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