Hemorrhoid Treatment Options Things We Can Do At Home

By: Evan Torimi

150 million people currently or sometime in the near future will suffer from the troublesome condition of hemorrhoids. Some people are unlucky and inherit problems with weak muscular structure and thin anal walls, which makes them more susceptible to the condition of hemorrhoids. It is important to know your hemorrhoid treatment options.
Those of us who have a family history of hemorrhoids need to make a lifestyle change which includes some preventive and natural treatments. Some people will develop the symptoms of hemorrhoids for a short time never to be bothered with them again.
If you are suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of hemorrhoids now, or know that you have a family history of the condition, it is a good idea to start your preventive steps now. People use natural treatments on themselves for this condition everyday and it is not unusual to have great results.
Natural Hemorrhoid treatment options and preventive measures are very similar and include the following.
Adding High Fiber Foods to your Diet - Foods such as whole grains and fresh leafy vegetables have a high amount of fiber and will keep a person regular in their bowel movements.
Drinking the recommended amount of water daily - Usually depending on body weight 6-8 glasses of water is suggested.
Reducing excessive Pressure in the rectal area - Refraining from lifting heavy objects and taking regular breaks from long periods of sitting will help with the prevention of hemorrhoids.
Doctors almost always recommend the same course of treatment for first time hemorrhoid sufferers, this includes: Over the counter ointments and creams applied to the affected area. Warm water soaks are a common recommendation also.
Chamomile Tea is a good natural herbal treatment which will reduce the amount of stress that we feel. Decreasing stress will let the body maintain nutrient levels and speed up the healing process.
Most hemorrhoid sufferers will benefit from warm water soaks to the affected area. Infusing the soaking water with epsom salts and natural herbs such as lavender oils and witch hazel have been known to work wonders.
As a wrap up it is a well known fact that there are many hemorrhoid treatment options available for us to treat ourselves from the privacy of our homes. I mean come on hemorrhoids is slightly embarrassing and if we can treat ourselves then all the better.

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