Helping with house Mortgages and Available Programs

By: Anne Ming

Making the payments on a monthly mortgage is a significant financial burden, especially when dealing with a mortgage that has an interest rate which increases over time. As a result, many families are currently on the brink of foreclosure, as the mortgages issued during the "housing bubble" are adjusting to reflect the state of the economy. This means that more and more people are searching for ways to obtain aid in paying their monthly mortgage, which (due to high demand) is becoming increasingly difficult.
There are many programs available that are advertized to "help lower your monthly mortgage payment" or "decrease your mortgage amount". However, it is important to remember that some of these claims could come from companies that are only looking to obtain more money from you. With the high-demand for mortgage aid, many "mortgage payment scams" are appearing, which may lead unsuspecting homeowners even closer to foreclosure. In order to avoid falling into a potential financial trap, it is strongly advised to first research the company from which you are seeking mortgage help from. This can be done by searching for company reviews online, or by asking for references from other people who have used the company for financial aid.
Most states now have specific financial programs designed to help homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage. These programs are usually organized through government funding, and will help with a good portion of mortgage payments. In addition to this, it is also possible to obtain mortgage help through certain loan modification procedures. These procedures may help you to defer your loan for a period of time, recieve a lowered interest rate, have certain fees waived, restructure the terms of your loan, and other options.
It is also possible to get help with your mortgage payment through the bank that you borrowed the mortgage money from. Since the increase in home foreclosures, many banks have announced special programs that are designed to help the majority of their borrowers pay their mortgage. These programs are growing in popularity, since many banks are seeing the wisdom in preventing potential foreclosures. For example, JP Morgan Chase announced a plan worth $70 billion dollars, which will effectively help approximately 400,000 homeowners with their mortgage payments. Many other banks have similar porgrams, some of which are focused solely on refinancing or restructuring their borrower's loans.

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