Help for Female Bladder Problems

By: James Pendergraft

A woman who has bladder problems may find her life adversely affected. This is because any problem with the bladder can make it difficult to engage in daily activities. One common bladder problem is urinary incontinence wherein a woman is unable to hold her urine from leaking. As a result, a woman feels alone and thinks that her condition is may be hopeless.

The Different Bladder Problems of a Woman

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common urinary problems among women. However, most women do not get sufficient treatment because they may be embarrassed to discuss their health condition. As a result, they continue to suffer and be ill at ease with their own discomfort.

Types of Urinary Incontinence

1.Urge incontinence. Urge incontinence is the most common form. Thankfully, it is not a serious condition as the other types. Nonetheless, it can still be an embarrassment. Urine immediately leaks as soon as you feel the need to urinate. In most cases of this type of incontinence, women experience it when they are not quick enough to go to the bathroom.
2.Stress incontinence. Just like the first one, this one can be easily treated. It happens when urine leaks out when you do a certain movement or when you move your body in a particular way. This commonly happens when you sneeze, jump, walk, or do any form of exercise.
3.Overflow incontinence. This is the most serious form of incontinence. When urinating, the bladder is not able to completely empty itself of all the urine. This may be due to weak bladder muscles caused by a form of serious infection.

This is also the most annoying urinary incontinence because a woman suffering from it will feel the urge to urinate anytime of the day such as when she is sleeping, working, sitting, or even when walking. Those who suffer from overflow incontinence frequently visit the toilet and only manage to squeeze a few drops despite all efforts at urinating.

Treatment for Bladder Problems

The following are some treatments used for bladder problems.

1) Surgery. When there is no other hope to solve urinary incontinence, women commonly resort to surgery. In a surgical operation, the pelvic floor is strengthened to enable it to completely empty the bladder of urine.

2) Electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation is a form of massaging the bladder and pelvic areas in order to make the muscles in these areas more efficient at releasing urine.

3) Another means to counter bladder problem is through an exercise known as the Kegel exercise. In a Kegel exercise, a woman will sit on the toilet and try to urinate. Once the urine starts to come out, she will press or contract her pelvic floor muscles to stop the urination. The exercise should be repeated frequently. In time, a woman will notice how easier she can urinate after doing the simple but effective and beneficial exercise.

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