Heavy Vehicles As Force Multipliers

By: Roger Seth

Heavy vehicles include such things as forklifts and cherry pickers, and all of these are things that can greatly benefit your business. In business terms heavy machinery comes under the category of a 'force multiplier' meaning that it is a device that can be used to amplify the potential of any given employee. Ultimately with a force multiplier you can have a member of staff put the same amount of effort and time into a job but en up with a vastly improved output. Here we will look at how this works and what precisely occurs with force multipliers. Then we'll look at how to get the most out of force multipliers in your business.

The term force multiplier basically means anything that multiplies force without your having to do anything differently. A hammer is the most basic example of this as it basically amplifies the power that you generate when you strike a nail, and without this basic force amplifier building a desk would take years and be nigh on impossible (and result in a rather bloody hand).

In business a force multiplier doesn't necessarily have to be anything physical and could even be a piece of software. Something like a spreadsheet is a force multiplier as it allows you to keep complicated records much more quickly and with much less effort.

What this basically means then is that if you have the same amount of staff, the same amount of time, and the same amount of materials, adding a force multiplier will increase your output several fold which will mean that your profits increase without your overheads increasing by the same amounts. This is a vastly useful effect and one that you should seek to take full advantage of.

If your business has any manual labor element involved, then heavy machinery is perhps one of the most important types of force multiplier. Take a forklift for instance and then imagine the amount of work that goes into moving boxes without one and then with one. If you can supply your staff with forklifts then they can move many, many times the same amount of palettes in the same amount of time and have a lot more energy left over at the end of the day. This then means that your business can stand to hire fewer members of staff, and can take on more clients, and in turn will greatly enhance your profit margins.

However there is also a potential danger with any form of force multiplier, and that's because a force multiplier tends to involve an element of automation and amplification. This is great news when all goes smoothly, but when something goes wrong it basically means that a small problem can be amplified greatly. If someone drops a box of breakable items for instance then this is bad news, but if they drop a palette full of boxes then this is much worse news.

In other words, with any form of force multiplier or amplification in business, extra care MUST be taken, and this is why it's so important to for instance use training courses to avoid mishaps.

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