Heavy-Handed Advertising Tricks That Work

By: John Reed

OK, it is time out for the weak kneed, passive approaches to getting your website noticed. Itís time to employ a deeper thought process to making the sell. Just using a banner graphic to tell potential customers where your product is, is no longer good enough to outpace competitors. Everyone is doing that. If the field is saturated with advertisers using the same strategy, the eventual result is consumer disinterest.

How long has it been since you have seen impressive results from the advertising tactics that you have been employing? Really, how long has it been? How much money have you shelled out only to find out that itís just not coming back?

I know it has been a long time and there is no need to be embarrassed. You are not alone.
Marketers across the board are finding it increasingly difficult to press their ad information deep enough into the psyche of the consumer to create the desire to buy.

Professional marketers are scrambling to symposiums and conferences searching for a way to overcome the apathy that continues to grow in cyberspace shoppers. However, many marketers are fighting the symptom and not the root cause of this apathy.

Lack of interest in a product is often not the result of the product being poorly designed or undesirable. It is a result of the web surfer not wanting to learn about why the product is so great. Thatís a big difference!

Stick with me and think about this. You may have a great product. However, to describe it, its functions, its features, its comparison to other products, and the problem that the product solves may require lots of text. After you write it, you are lured into thinking that your great explanation of the product will make the sell. Donít be fooled. Over 95 percent of the time that will not make the sell.

Listen! You see a great explanation. Web surfers see a whole lot of stuff they will have to read. This works great if the user was looking for your product in the first place. They were already interested prior to arriving on your website. However, the person that is browsing or comes across your website due to a small interest in one of your banner ads has no such commitment to delving that deep. The result is that more than half of the people that end up on your website stay less than the necessary time it would take for them to catch the full impact of your sales pitch. Donít believe me? Check your website visitor stats and see how many visitors come to your website and stay less than 10 seconds. See them? Those are the people that you never had a chance of selling to, even though your unique visitor numbers look impressive.

On your website, what would you estimate is the percentage of visits that result in an actual sell? Is it less than 80 percent? Less than 50 percent? Less than 5 percent? Dismal numbers reflect a lack of interest in your text, not necessarily lack of interest in your product.

Raise each web surferís interest in your text and your text will then do its job of raising the web surferís interest in purchasing your product.

A new method of advertising online addresses the common lacks of interest web surfers have for reading lots of text about products and services. TypoBounty dot com allows advertisers to employ the text of their website into a game that web surfers flock to and want to read every word that is written about the product or service. Through TypoBounty dot com Web surfers read advertiser websites with the intensity and attention of a scavenger hunt.

It is a game to the Internet surfer but can mean very big bucks for the advertiser as the description of their product or service, its functions, its features, its comparison to other products and services, and the problem that the product solves is read in its entirety. Essentially giving the text on the website a 100 percent chance of reaching the audience and bridging the gap between a web surferís mental disconnect with your product or service information. Again, make them want to read what you have to say about your product. Even the perfect product will fail if no one reads about it and understands it.

My suggestion is, get your product and or service website involved in this new style of marketing and advertising by advertising on sites like TypoBounty dot com. It costs a fraction of what regular pay per click advertising costs and it provides an advertiser with so much more in features, response, ROI, brand recognition and consumer feedback.

Open the mind of your website visitors and they will open their wallets freely.

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The author, John Reed, has 15 years business marketing experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses and strategies. You can read more about the benefits of traffic building by cleaning up your website at www.errormarketing.com

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