Heartworm Medicine for Dogs Guide

By: SA Perillo

Understanding what heartworm disease is may be a very good first step in choosing the right heartworm medicine needed for your dog to address the said disease.

Heartworm disease is due to an internal parasite, particularly speaking, and the roundworms that are also the culprit behind this infectious disease. Heartworm disease is commonly experienced and found in dogs in almost every state of America. This disease infects and damages the heart, lungs and other vital organs such as the liver leaving them in an irreversible and serious condition affecting the active lifestyle of dogs. Adult worms live and stay specifically at the right side of the heart of its host where they likewise reproduce causing irritation and inflammation to the pulmonary artery walls. The irritation is due to the thickening and roughening of the pulmonary artery walls. When the irritation is heavy, clogging will eventually transpire.

Heartworm medicines are preventive medicines that are given to address the said disease; however, these are not administered easily since every dog has its own level or degree of heartworm infection. Generally, though, the signs and symptoms of heartworm disease do not really show off early that is why most pet owners and veterinarians find it hard to cure the said infection because the symptoms show off during the time when the infection is already uncontrollable. For instance when the heartworms staying inside the right side of the heart have reproduced and grown maturely and developed greatly affecting even the pulmonary veins of the dog’s lungs, then symptoms such as coughing and sometimes with blood will then be exhibited by the dog. Other signs of heartworm disease also become noticeable during the latter stage of the infection and these are listlessness, fainting, depression, severe weight loss, shortness of breath, and blindness.

These very damaging symptoms do not just affect the biological and physical aspects of your dog. It likewise affects the social and emotional aspects where you could notice that there are less interaction and typically unresponsive or passive reaction whenever you try to play with him. This is the main reason why heartworm medicine is needed especially even during the time when mosquitoes are in their peak of population. To prevent the possible spread of heartworms in an infected and even not yet infected dogs; heartworm medicine is prescribed by veterinarians. Amongst the many heartworm medications are the following:

Heartgard Plus for dogs—this brand is consists of ivermectin which is very effective in preventing heartworm infection especially when administered months before the peak season of mosquito-carrier heartworm infection. According to studies, ivermectin, when properly administered could provide a 99% positive result. This medicine is taken once a month for an effective result.

Another type is the Interceptor for Dogs is a kind of medication that prevents heartworm infection and kills in greater number the adult heartworms as well as hookworms, whip worms, and other round worms. This medication has been proven to be effective and safe even for puppies.

Heartworm medicines are mostly in the form of pills and are given on a monthly basis. These medications are effective however the advice of your dig’s veterinarian is still needed to verify the suitability of the medicine to a dog’s condition.

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