Heart Disease

By: Jessica Matias

Heart disease can happen to a lot of people. In fact, in the United States alone, someone dies from a heart disease of one kind or another every thirty seconds or so. Given those not-so-pretty statistics, its a really good idea to be well-informed about it. In a lot of causes, heart disease is hereditary.
Dont brush it off if none of your relatives have it or none have died of it, though; anyone can get a heart disease. Its a good idea to know what causes heart disease, and to be vigilant about catching the signs of heart disease. Knowledge like this can save your life. Literally!
One of the most obvious signs of heart disease is chest pain. Of course, there are a lot of different reasons for a person to feel chest pain. But if it is severe or keeps on coming back again and again, youd better get it checked. It might end up not being one of those signs of heart disease, but it could still be serious. Dont take any chances!
Other signs of heart disease include numbness, discomfort or a squeezing or choking feeling. There are a lot of different heart diseases and there are a lot of different symptoms for heart disease, but these are the most common. To prevent or help manage any health problems, dont forget to try and get a full physical checkup at least once a year.
Even if you dont seem to be at risk for an inherited heart disease, what causes heart disease wont always necessarily be something thats passed down within the family. A person can get heart disease simply from not doing anything. By that, I mean that what causes heart disease can often be traced back to a bad diet of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle.
Another really common cause for heart disease is, unfortunately, not something a person can avoid: genetics. So, yes, if the universe is against you, youll have been born with a heart disease already hardwired into your system. Thats a tough break, but most of the time, with proper treatment, any heart disease, regardless of what caused it, can be managed so that you can continue to live a normal and happy life.
If you arent quite sure if you have a heart disease, watch out for certain warning signs. One of the most common signs of heart disease is chest pain. There can be a dozen other reasons for a persons chest to hurt, but if this happens to you, dont rule out heart disease out of hand; it could be serious. Other signs of heart disease include numbness in the chest, a squeezing sensation in that area, and even choking.
Also, just make sure to watch out for signs of heart disease, like chest pain, chest numbness, and choking. They might not always necessarily be signs of heart disease per se, but getting yourself checked when these symptoms show up is definitely a wise thing to do.

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Jessica Matias shares information on signs of heart disease and what causes heart disease.

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