Heard of the smart ring? Itís coming to you soon

By: alisonreid29

What is a ring to you? A symbol of your marriage? A symbol of your style statement? The ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry that can make fingers look even prettier than they are. This is the reason we spend thousands of dollars on these jewelry items. But do you know that a fashion ring can now perform tasks that we cannot even think about? A smart ring is more than an embellishment; it does jobs that we think can only be done using specific devices.

One of our most common activities today is making phone calls. On an average, we make and receive at least 8 to 10 calls a day. Wouldnít it be nice if we didnít have to take out the phone to make and receive calls? Yes, this is totally possible with the fashion ring that is about to be launched in the market. Sounds weird? Sounds fantastic? Well, the concept is fantastic, but the execution is not. There are innovators that have already surpassed many technical hurdles and got this ring prototype in shape and they are waiting for the opportune time to launch it for the public through crowd-funding.

A smart ring can perform many other tasks besides allowing you to make calls. You can turn all Infrared (IR)-controlled devices in your home (TV, Blu-ray player, setup box, music system, etc.,) on and off with simple operations on the ring. You can adjust the volume of your TV or your music system without getting up from your couch. It can even adjust the sound and make other adjustments.

This smart ring can send you alarms when you receive an email; it can recommend stretch exercises when you become very involved on your computer typing on keyboard and forget taking a break and it can even work as a morning alarm. You should not be surprised if it also makes your oven or room heater start and shut down. In short, it can assist you with most of the things you do every day.

But of course, there has to be an element of aesthetics built into this fashion ring. It is a ring after all and you want to look good wearing it. You need not worry about this aspect of the ring because it is indeed good looking. And wonder of wonders, you can even change the color of the ring head to match it with your clothes and accessories. Now this is what you call innovation and there is plenty of innovation built into the design of this ring.

From smart phones we moved to smart watches and from smart watches we moved to smart glasses. Now we are moving to the concept of a smart ring. This fashion ring can perform all those tasks that a smart phone or a watch or a glass can do. The only difference is in the size. While the other items are not very large, they cannot compare to the small size of the ring. You donít even feel that it is on your body and it can do all these wonderful things for you. This is where the ring can prove to be more user friendly.

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A smart ring is going to be a reality soon. You can then use your fashion ring for getting other jobs done.

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