Healthy Foods For The Dessicated Body

By: Nathaniel Hilson

Health is wealth is a saying that corresponds to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is a reminder describing that a sound health is of prime importance above all the things that complement human pleasure since a man’s health is priceless, a treasure to ne cherished for keeps. Your health is the elixir of the life, the soul and the body, and of course more important than material things such as your bank accounts, possessions and businesses. Indeed, health, like love and immaterial values, is a fish you wouldn’t trade for gold. No one can enjoy the pleasures of life if his health is vulnerable to myrids of blights.

Back in the biblical eld, people aged like the ancient ruins of immortal vim before kicking the bucket. There was no word like “diet” during those times. How do they know because science was not yet set in the picture? No skin treatment, dermas or nutritionist’s prescription coming from experts. The only health fortifiers and supplements are natural fruits and vegetables, healthy work-xercise and their indisputable faith. Pollution was a no-thing, no industrial eon whatsoever, and everywhere the air is so fresh to breathe. In contradistinction, people nowadays aging from 50s onwards suffer from strokes, diabetes, hearth diseases, and forms of cancer and bone problems.

Today’s food quality and habit deviated from the past’s additive free vegetables. Chemicals, however, that are proven harmful and carcinogenic exist in most foodstuffs. Additionally, work-related stress and undisciplined health habits contributed to lower life expectancy. Fortunately, there are habits and foods that can make up for a sound mind and body. Some points below show how food and habits play an important role for healthy living:


Foods that have anti-cancer properties are:

• Broccoli – This flower like vegetable contains high amount of ascorbic acid, carotonoids, sulforaphane, all known as anti-oxidants and anti cancer. Eating this vegetable has been shown to lower the risk of cancer incidence.

• Foods high in Resveratrol - Popularly found in grapes and red wine. This compound has been studied in laboratory trials and has positive effect on fighting certain virus, cancer and diseases such as diabetes. Aside from grapes and red wine, it can be found commercially, available in anti-aging supplements and anti-wrinkle supplements. In its concentrated form as reservatrol supplements, it exists as tablets or capsules.

• Citrus fruits – Grapefruit, lemon, rhubarb, calamondin, santol (sour apple) and tangerines. These fruits contain Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that can neutralize acids in digestive system. As an anti-oxidant. It can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Calamondin or calamansi is also used in skin care supplements to induce whitening and in Best anti-wrinkle supplements to reduce the effects of wrinkle causing free radicals.

• Foods high in beta carotene – Examples are carrots and squash. Not only good for eye sight, but good as defense against carcinogens or cancer causing additives or chemicals.

• Garlic – High in vitamin C and contains nutrients that can fight stomach cancer and other forms. In some clinical trials it has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol level though this needs further more scientific evaluation.

• Green tea and mint tea – Produced from camellia seninsis extract and from mint leaves (menthe specata, metha aquatica)). Rich in polyphenols, flavonoids that have anti-cancer potential, they are enjoyed as tea beverage during night and early morning. In the same way, mint tea is good for stomach, diarrhea, indigestion and bad breath.

• Foods rich in unsaturated fat and omega 3 fatty acids. Cod lever oil, hazelnut, flaxseed and krill are rich sourceas. Unsaturated fat or good fat does not raise bad cholesterol level and definitely good for the heart. Significant source are peanut, avocado, oils from soybean and canola, nuts such as pistachio, macadamia, walnuts, almond, pecans and pistachios.

• Foods rich in Dietary fibre – Plant parts that are indigestible. It is good for digestive health because it prevents constipation and encourage easy waste movement. Almost all vegetables have fibre or indigestible content namely – legumes, leafy and cruciferous vegetables, root crops, ferns and fruits.

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