Healthful Benefits Of Adjustable Beds And Memory Foam Mattresses

By: Moe Kittaneh..

You might have heard people throw around the fact that we spend a third of our lives in bed. They probably get this from the idea that we're supposed to sleep eight hours everyday, and that this is a third of a day. While these statistics are up for debate, they do make one thing clear: we need sleep, and with adjustable beds, we can get just the right kind of restful sleep we all need.
We often underestimate the importance of sleep. It's true that not everybody needs as much sleep as others, but everyone needs a sufficient amount. It's not just about lying down and resting, it's actually a recovery period for our bodies, and we can be affected badly when we don't get enough. Unfortunately, for many people, this is a problem.
Some people can fall asleep anywhere, but the rest of us really need a good bed. But what does that entail? Most beds today are made of box spring mattresses. Compared to sleeping on a pile of hay, this is a big improvement. They come in different levels of firmness and can be decorated to meet someone's personality or the design of a certain room.
Of course, the traditional bed is just one of your options, and there are many others to choose from, including air beds, water beds, and memory foam mattresses. Adjustable beds are just another of these new options, and they're exactly what their name implies - a basic bed, but one that you can adjust to several different positions for sitting or sleeping.
The adjustable bed has been on the market a lot longer than some other types. It first came about in the 1960s and was first used in the hospital, which is still what most people associate the term with up to this day. Yet, it was well ahead of its time when it was first invented, and still manages to be impressive, so why not try it out in your home as well?
These beds can help you when you're sleeping and when you're awake. For example, if you have back problems, you can set the bed in such a way that there will be less pressure on your spine, and you'll feel a reduction in your symptoms. On the other hand, if you want to watch TV, you can move yourself all the way into a sitting position.
You've probably seen infomercials on TV for various adjustable beds, and you might well want to consider buying one. There's no telling whether they'll become a trend or not, but they could be a worthwhile investment regardless.

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There are unlimited comfort positions which can be achieved through adjustable beds. When paired with a memory foam mattress make for the best night's sleep, every night, for years to come.

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