Headaches and Pregnancy

By: Petra Vollavic

Becoming pregnant brings with it a number of side effects. Let's take a look at having headaches while being pregnant.
Headaches usually happen more frequently in woman who are pregnant due to the hormonal changes and the increase in the flow of blood. Stressful situations can be a contributing factor, as can excess caffeine.
Approximately 20% of women will experience headaches while being pregnant and most find that they occur less in the last few months. Although they can worsen after the baby is born.
Treatment of headaches in pregnancy may include soothing and non-drug measures such as cold packs, darkened room, and sleep.
Headaches caused by tension can be alleviated by using cold compresses to aches along the back of your neck. You can also alleviate headaches by ensuring you have a balanced, healthy diet and having several small meals in a day.
If you have a sinus headache, apply warm compresses to your head in such places as the front of your face on either side of the nose, in the middle of the forehead, and on the temples. These areas are occupied by the sinuses.
You can do exercises to help you reduce stress, like imagining you are in a tranquil place. You can experiment with different methods to try to reduce your stress levels but if these do not work you can get in touch with your doctor or a therapist as it can be helpful to have someone to talk to.
Contact your doctor prior to consuming any medication, even over the counter ones like ibuprofen and aspirin. acetaminophen can be safe to take while pregnant, although it is still better to consult your doctor first.

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