Havvn The Top 5 Income Earning Strategies of The Masters

By: Dave Schlueter

Empirical evidence supports the folowing statements about Havvn and the entire MLM industry. Ninety-five percent of Network Marketers fail to achieve the level of success they desire in this industry. The facts are sad and disturbing. Here's a shocking revelation for you… Once people are tapped into the proper systems, tools, training, and leadership in this business they speed to incredible success.

What that says to me is that the level of training provided to almost all new marketers in the industry is inadequate to produce the desired results of the average marketer. Unfortunately legions of good people are being robbed of the fair chance they deserve to improve their lives, and manifest their hopes, wants, and dreams. Which is everything MLM is supposed to be about.People often become bitter and resentful about their experience in MLM as a result. This is not only bad for good people it's bad for a great industry. It's bad for Havvn and for everyone.

So what is the secret weapon then that separates the leaders from everyone else? What is it that separates these factions?

Ninety-Five percent of associates fail to learn the elemental basics of the business first and discover what it is really all about, and make the proper investment in themselves and their business. They fail to employ the tools, strategies, and systems that top earners use to produce the incredible results they get. Many suffer because they continue the propagation of an employee type mindset rather than growing into the entrepreneurial mindset, maturity, and patience necessary to grow a large business. As a result of this most will never get their businesses into profit let alone learn to grow that profit month by month and year after year. Top Havvn earners invest in the tools and education necessary to make the difference in the people they become and in the business they generate. There is no short cut to this.

And if that's not bad enough, then there's the problem of getting leads. They don't have systems and strategies in place that allow them to get the quality leads they need in the quantities necessary to successfully grow a large MLM business . Disappointments arising from poor recruiting methods and unproductive lead generation schemes often disillusion new marketers and they quit. They grumble idly in a state of limited action or no action at all that in time kills their Network Marketing visions. Top producers implement system, strategies, and tools to this process to generate a consistent in-pouring of quality leads for free or next to nothing to their Havvn business. Top producers then farm the profits from this success back into the business to engage in more expensive marketing tactics.

Too few people in the Multi Level Marketing industry understand what the business is about. Average Network Marketing distributors fail to understand that Multi-Level Marketing is a business of building and cultivating relationships, nor do they have systems and tools in place to accomplish this. Most new associates are counseled to recruit, recruit, and recruit some more. Let me tell you if that's all you are foucused on you are going out of business with the rest of the uninformed in a short ammount of time. Misguided struggling distributors try to get laid on very the first date. And I don't say that to be rude but instead to make the point that they pitch their Havvn opportunity long before a relationship or trust is ever established. Top distributors never make this mistake. In fact the best producers employ systems to build relationships and rapport with prospects long before trying to sell them on their most incredible opportunity. The better marketers use technology and put most of the process on complete autopilot while they do what they want with their time. Using this process your prospect is 99% sold on Havvn before you are making your first person to person contact. A properly designed and well set up system does most of the time consuming work for you automatically. The leverage involved in this fine tuned system is a truly beautiful thing.

Managing, training, and dealing with the rigors of a growing MLM team becomes a formidable challenge for team leaders in the business. This can be an overwhelming deterrant for novice Network Marketers as they find themselves engaging greater time and energy spent training new recruits who drop out and never accomplish anything. These problems can halt the growth of unprepared organizations as they reach a sticking point in their progres or it can eventually unravel a whole team.

Top Havvn distributors on the other hand understand the vital necessity to use systemseither 3rd party or of their own design that will train down line recruits on autopilot. Most of the top producers will develop their own training systems or employ third party credible training to manage this aspect of their business for them. Duplicating your success throughout your team is the primary objective for real Multi Level Marketing leaders. It's not what you can achieve personally but what you can duplicate in a team environment that matters. Multi Level Marketing without duplication is a bad business model. Top Havvn distributors have mastered strategies, tools, and systems, that newbies and novices never hear of or neglect to discover.

Top producers get the greatest ammount of value possible from every lead that enters their marketing funnels. The better marketers employ strategies that make money from leads who enter their marketing funnels yet never join their opportunity. This lost revenue is completely missed by the average uninformed Multi Level Marketer. To build your business faster and make your marketing go further you'll want to make use of this simple yet powerful strategy. It's actually easier to understand and implement than you might think.

The better marketers make big bucks off of tools, training, information, and systems that meet the demands of fellow marketers and opportunity shoppers. These products are a quicker easier sale than that of your company's distributorship package so sales are reliable and quicker to attain. This brings added fuel and profit for your marketing engine to burn. It can also be a major source of income for new up and coming marketers who are in the know. This often times can turn out to be one of the most important strategies and building blocks of new and developing MLM ventures.

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These are but a few of the top differences utilized by top earners in the industry that differentiate their results from the ninety-five percent of other marketers out there. To learn the specifics of the techniques we've been discussing that will take your Havvn Business to the next level visit me at: my MLM Training Porthole and get some more training today. I'll show you the tools you'll need to succeed in this industry and even walk you through setting it up. But if you are ready to go deep right now, and get a glimpse of what awesome sponsoring, support, and servant leadership looks like, check out the followingThe Business of The 21st Century where I'll show you the way to avoid the 3 biggest pitfalls that keep 95% of people trapped in a life of debt and mediocrity and how to skyrocket to success with an MLM opportunity instead.

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