Having Ovarian Cysts

By: Jessica Matias

An adult woman should get herself checked by a gynecologist at least once a year. This is especially true if youre sexually active. Simple health habits like this can actually save your life. Seeing a gynecologist can literally save a girls life; diseases that could otherwise be disastrous in later stages "like cancer- can be detected and treated much more quickly and safely, before they cause problems.
Most of the time, having cysts is not really that much to worry about; a cyst is a benign growth inside the body -usually a sac filled with fluid, like blood or water or lymph- and itll usually go away on its own.
Like most other kinds of cysts found in other places in the body, ovarian cysts tend not to have any symptoms at all, and can go away on their own over time. If your doctor finds that you have them though, at least precautions could be taken just in case they could get bigger or they are signs of bigger problems. When the symptoms of ovarian cysts begin to show though, get yourself checked right away; you might need to get them removed.
From that alone, you can probably pretty much guess that these walnut sized little organs are a really important part of the female reproductive system. A cyst here usually wont be much of a problem, unless its a disproportionately large cyst, or one thats actually a sign of a much more serious medical problem.
Just because you dont display any symptoms of ovarian cysts doesnt necessarily mean that youre off the hook though. You should still be vigilant. If you have ovarian cysts and dont have any of the abovementioned symptoms of ovarian cysts, but start to run a fever, experience nausea, have anemia, or feel frequently thirsty and then need to urinate more, you could still be in for something unpleasant.
The symptoms of ovarian cysts can include a sense of pressure or fullness in the abdominal area, a dull ache, a feeling of pain during the sexual act, a distended abdomen, and irregular, delayed or abnormally painful menstrual periods. If you do get symptoms of ovarian cysts, you really should get yourself checked right away.
Whether or not thats the case though, going to a doctor to get yourself checked is still something that you definitely shouldnt just forego. They could be signs of more serious problems, or you might need to get your cysts removed before they cause any more problems and discomfort. If you arent presenting any of the symptoms mentioned above, but have one of, or a combination of, the following symptoms, its important to get yourself looked at as soon as possible. These symptoms are: anemia, nausea, fever, excessive thirst, and the frequent urination that comes with it.
For the most part though, as mentioned before, ovarian cysts tend to be harmless and benign. If you take good care of yourself and watch out for any medical weirdness, they should go away on their own.

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