Have you ever played these classic zombie games

By: Hayden

Zombie games have always been popular after starting to be hot, from the first Resident Evil series, to last year's "The Walking Dead", zombie game always seems the favorites of players.
Today brings the most classic 10 Zombie games in the history for everyone. Yes, it is a zombie game, so "Dead Space" and "Prototype" games may not be selected, after all, the monsters are not zombies in the strict sense. Here has a look.
"Dead Rising 2"
"Dead Rising 2" background set in the original number of years later, however the incident happened place transferred to Las Vegas "Fortune City" (a replica of Las Vegas), there have flocked for tens of thousands of zombies, brought players enough stimulation of terror and the fun of killing.
Everyone is different, so assuming that there was really a zombie apocalypse, everyone's reactions are not the same. Some people will spontaneously arm to resist to find chance to live; some people select to hide in the basement inside waiting for that moment to arrive with relatives; some would have hidden in the Burger King chain inside a large number of storage Margarita cocktail and ready to hibernate in here. "Dead Rising" is assumed that the game is the role of this group of people, so the game will have a large ax to the canned variety of life for residents "weapons".
After "RedDead: Redemption" released, then it launched a large-scale DLC Undead Nightmare. This DLC game time is almost in exceed of the single part of the "Medal of Honor". Excellent content together with the nowadays prevalent zombie theme, IGN gave a score of 10 points.
DLC "Undead Nightmare" is absolutely the DLC that players who love zombie theme dream. A lot of new content in this DLC, including single-player more than six hours, co-op modes, two sets of clothing, side quests, new weapons and horse apocalypse horses and so on.
"Call of Duty 5: World at War"
After the IW group of "Call of Duty: Modern War" gotten an unqualified success, Treyarch hopes to get inspiration from World War II to produce its unbeatable shooter, so producing the "Call of Duty: World at War" the "Nazi zombie mode". This model is very popular, and ultimately has its own unique way to create history.
The pattern is simple but full of fun, needs good cooperation and understanding between players, do not think it is simple to kill zombies.
"Plants vs. Zombies"
It is one of the most outstanding tower defense games, combines humor, style and easy-to-learn game play together. It is very simple, and has been transplanted to many modern smart phones. This cute zombie game makes the majority of players fondle admiringly.
Do not take for granted that this is just a game, its influence does definitely not lose any 3A masterpiece!
"Dead Nation"
In the near future, a deadly virus will be once again sweeping the earth, infected each person who comes into contact with it, and almost destroyed the entire human race. But this is just the beginning. Make all survivors fear, the zombie begins to climb out of the grave, are desperately searching for people alive foraging, almost completely extinct human. However, he seems to have completely lost hope, a handful of survivors appeared, and determine to recapture the world from zombie hands.
You are one of these survivors. In the case of completely outnumbered, you heavily armed found virtue clues and saved the last hope of humanity as a whole. Please remember to install bullets, aim at the enemy's head to shot!

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