Have a problem solving approach in life

By: Anthony Nuncio

There is no human being in this whole world that is absolutely free from any kind of problems. Problems are an inseparable part of a person’s life. At one time, a certain situation may seem great enough for you to leave all the things apart and think about it. At some other time the same situation will appear a very minor one to you which should rather be ignored.

Our response to the situation is more considerable than the situation itself. When we ask our dear ones what to do when we have such a trouble, they are more concerned about the effect of the problem on us rather than its existence. The real problem is that people think that they ‘have’ a problem. If rather than worrying about it, people try to think about the ways to solve it, the evil will vanish faster.

As a problem is different from every other, there cannot be a single approach to solve all of them. However there are certain common ways to deal with them.

• Let it exist: Some people just ignore a problem and never try to deal with it. This might sound strange but this is one of the best ways to deal with it. Some troubles are temporary and get solved by themselves as the time goes by. Even if you try to solve them, it will be mere wastage of your time as well as energy. But such times are important to be recognized as you cannot be ignorant to just another problem. Some problems need solutions otherwise they may exist for eternity and create trouble for you. Such as your neighbor throwing garbage in your lawn. Certainly it is not something which will surely take place every day and this seems to be a temporary condition, but if not solved, this will continue to be done repeatedly and cause negative vibes.

• Change your vision towards the issue: Sometimes the solution of a problem lies within the problem itself. All we need to do is change the way we look at it. Some of us get distracted and frustrated by the speed breakers and speed limit signs in the road. We don’t think that they are there for our own protection and safety. We try to find another root free from speed breakers. If we take these signs in a positive way and try to maintain our speed within safety limits, it will be beneficial for all driving on the same road. Thus changing your vision towards a problem can help solving it.

• Find the cause: Another effective way of solving a problem is to eliminate its very cause. It is a common saying to ‘nip the evil in the bud’. Sometimes it is necessary to find out the reason why the problem is occurring.

• Seek help: If you are not able to solve a problem by yourself, try asking an elder person for what to do when you face such a problem. Internet is also a very effective tool for problem solving. It is a common approach followed by many people to solve their issue. Just visit a website which suggests different ways to come out of a trouble and you will be provided with a number of solutions to select the most suitable one.

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