Have You Ever Wondered How The Internet Was Invented?

By: Owen Barron

The Internet is a huge part of our everyday life; whether we like it or not. Most of us enjoy the internet, but there are some who wish it was never taken out of the box. Sure, it can be a nuisance for parents; especially when your children spend more time on the net than in their books! But it also can be remarkably useful. Imagine when you had to go to the library to learn about a famous poet or author from years gone by. What if the book you wanted had been already lent out? No such issues with the 'World Wide Web'. Whatever you need to know; ninety nine percent of the time you can find the answer on the net. Let's have a gentle look at how this computer leviathan came about.

In The Beginning

Back in the nineteen fifties; a computer was the size of a small house. The American government developed a project known as ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency. This project was intended to connect four large computers together on a single network.

The Next Stage

In ninety seventy three, ARPANET was upgraded and could now be connected to the packet radio network. This enabled it to connect to other large computer system using radio waves. This milestone took about three years to be completed successfully, but it was full speed ahead from then on.


The Satellite network known as SATNET was connected to ARPANET and the packet radio network, PRNET, one year later. Soon other networks were joining in the action; this conglomerate was known as inter-networking Internet for short.

World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee decided to develop a system in nineteen ninety; this would make the whole process of connecting computers a whole lot easier. The system would go on to be known as the 'World Wide Web'. There is a marked difference between the 'Internet' and the 'World Wide Web'. Essentially, the 'WWW' is the navigation system used to travel around the Internet. To put it in context it is like comparing the solar system to a satellite system or space rocket.

Action Stations

Originally this system was exclusively used by government and military personnel; academics were also allowed some of the action for communications purposes. Around nineteen ninety four; the internet started to be commercialized and we have never looked back since.

Past, Present and Future

As with anything technology related; the internet is constantly upgrading and being reborn into a bigger, better and faster way to communicate and travel around the cyber-verse. One of the main uses for the internet is the huge hobby of online gaming. These games usually consist of a dedicated server that can host up to two hundred online buddies. The software company upgrades the game specifications every two or three years. As a result; the gamers need to upgrade their home PC's and also the speed required to support these games needs to be boosted. The internet service providers will increase the bandwidth, but at a price. Who is to say when the internet will become a bigger consideration than our proper utility services and their bills?

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