Handy Tips To choose your Lottery Numbers

By: Gen Wright

The lottery ticket number is what decides if you will win or lose in the lotto. Hence it is always better to place some thought into choosing your lottery numbers. It is always better to avoid forming patterns, rows, circles, or other shapes on the ticket slip when choosing your ticket.

Instead, be random in your choice. By choosing numbers on one side of the sheet, you will only end up with decreased odds in the lottery. It is also not advisable to choose numbers that have already been won before in a lotto draw. Just be random in making your choice as the numbers you choose may not come again.

Avoid using birthdates while making your choice

Some people have the habit of using birthdates to pick their lottery numbers. However this is not advisable as birthdays don't cross 31. Although this is such an obvious point to remember, not many people realise this until they see it down on paper.

Avoid choosing repetitive numbers as this will not help in your making a random choice of numbers. And, it leads to your using each number only once. Similarly, don't use consecutive numbers as this too will not be a random choice of lottery numbers. It is not often that you find consecutive numbers in a winning lottery ticket.

Using all odd or even numbers limits your choices

Similarly, don't use all even or all odd numbers as this will only limit you in your choice of lottery numbers. You will only be able to use half of the available numbers to choose from for your lottery ticket number. Obviously it would be better to use a combination of both odd and even numbers while choosing your lotto ticket numbers for your ticket.

Some people have a habit of choosing lottery numbers with the same digital numbers. This means that the number in the digit place of the numbers will be same. This is not wise in choosing lottery ticket numbers as it is very unlikely that you will ever find these numbers together in a winning lottery ticket number.

There is also an option where you can create a syndicate, and you put on 49 lines, the 5 numbers are always the same, and then the 6th number you make 1 to 49, this will mean that you only need to match the 5 numbers to win the jackpot. And likewise, if you match only 4 numbers, this is equal to matching 5 numbers. This is more commonly known as an elottery syndicate.

Basically, aim at choosing lottery numbers with a mix of even and odd numbers using all available numbers. However if you find it difficult to choose the right numbers, you could always refer to a recommended syndicate for help in choosing these lottery numbers.

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