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Even a minor misunderstanding can reach your powerful relation at the delicate point. Nobody really wants to go to this brink. This misunderstanding due to the communication gap reaches you for the breaking up of relation and this break up simultaneously shows you the path of death. It has been seen variously that many couples after their break up fall in to depression and stress and lose their lives. So, to live long life, don’t do something that hurts your partner. Your break up can be emotionally devastating.

However, develop strong belief between you and your partner which is the only way that can help your relation make stronger. And if unfortunately you come across the situation, don’t panic. Pointedly some specific recommendations have been mentioned hereunder. Just go through them it will vigorously strengthen you from within.What was to happen has happened and no cry over spilt milk are the formula you have to remember. After break up the couple intensively remember those good days.

Why do you think of the past? Why don’t you forget your partner? Why do you stick to the photograph of your love? Why do you read your beloved love letter again and again? The more you remember him/her the more you will get frustrated. The best way is to let the past life disappear from your mind and start a new life.Don’t be free; engage yourself with some constructive and interesting task. Call all of your friends. Don’t miss to call any one of them even, one whom you ignored during your relationship.

It is only good friend who can stand by you in this piety condition. Friendship is the sweetest flower in the garden of life so start keeping touch with them. If you are alone at your home don’t revolve round your past, don’t think of your ex girl friend of boy friend. Remember that worry does not mend the matter but increases more. Turn your TV on, listen to the music, or go through some interesting book. If you are watching movie, don’t watch which has pathetic feelings or tragic scene. But turn to comedy one that will make you feel happy.

There are some more factors, look at them –
• Remember that you will be better when you think better or heartedly feel better. Stay bust at the project you have been thinking to complete for a long period of time. This will be the good time for you to finish your project which further will bring a breathable life for you.
• You can share your grief to one of you loyal friend. He will comfortably help you. You just stay away from your ex lover’s love letter or the any activities she or he used to like. Don’t wear the cloth she/ he often you used to praise. Don’t listen to the sad song it will deepen your grief.
• You should know that different moment awards you with the different situation sometimes happy at other times sad. And to live happly in the sad situation is the time to prove your worth. Read some religious book which inspired you fight the adverse circumstances.

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