Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Donít Worry: Treat it naturally

By: Joette Calabrese

Hand, foot, mouth disease is a strangely named disease that sounds archaic, like something out of the middle Ages. But donít worry, it is a simple viral infection that is not dangerous and is quite common in infants and children. It presents with fever and blister-like sores in the mouth and a rash over the skin. Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is sometimes confused with Hoof and Mouth disease, but they are unrelated.

Conventional medicine has nothing to offer in the way of treatment for this disease, only medicaments loaded with side effects to subdue symptoms. In natural medicine, we avoid this antiquated method of medicine in lieu of remedies that benefit the sufferer, not add to suffering at a later date from side effects.
The worst part of this disease is the pain experienced in the mouth from the sores. And the best method of treating the ulcers is with Calendula and Myrrh directly on the mouth sores. Both herbs, in an alcohol base, can be found in health food stores. Although we donít want an infant or child to ingest alcohol, these are not swallowed. The formula is as follows: 10 drops each of myrrh and calendula in 4 ounces or more of water. If the sores in the mouth are in an older child, then the mixture should be swished in the mouth like mouth wash and spit out. The herbs are not dangerous, only the alcohol is a concern. For a younger child or infant, place the mixture in a bowl and soak a clean, flannel cloth in it, then dab on the sores.

Nothing should be put on the rash. My rule of thumb is that nothing should EVER be applied to the skin unless it is 100% edible. For example, butter without salt, olive oil, coconut oil, plain yogurt are all acceptable salves to soothe and soften the skin.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is often accompanied by fever. Fever should rarely be treated. In natural medicine and homeopathy, we view fever in an acute illness such as this as an opportunity to cook off the virus. In other words, any attempt to ďrelieveĒ a child from fever is an opportunity lost. Surprisingly, we neednít interfere as much as modern medicine would have us believe. Generally, the only concern around fever is that a child can dehydrate rapidly. To avoid this, simply keep him hydrated with plenty of water, un-pasteurized milk, freshly made juice, popsicles that are made from fresh juice and the like.

In short, just say ďnoĒ to drugs. Instead, use your common sense, motherís intuition and simple tried and true methods of a more intelligent life style and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease will be one more notch on your belt of success without meds.

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