Haemorrhoids (Piles)

By: Joe Swails

What are haemorrhoids?
Haemorrhoids (also known as piles) are swollen and enlarged blood vessels in or around the anus. If you strain in this area, these vessels form lumps and bleed.

You will usually first become aware of having developed haemorrhoids through experiencing itching around your anus. This can gradually develop into a painful feeling and lead to bleeding.

Other symptoms can include leaking mucus which may irritate your skin, small soft lumps at the opening of your anus (these may only appear, however, after straining to go to the toilet), and a swelling protruding from your anus (this is called a prolapse).

In severe cases, blood clots may form in the haemorrhoids which can be extremely painful.

Haemorrhoids are usually caused by things like over-straining, constipation, pregnancy, a lack of fibre in your diet, or being overweight – all these conditions cause the blood vessels to swell. Sitting on a hard surface for prolonged periods, and high blood pressure within the blood vessels of the rectum can also cause haemorrhoids.

Effect on your life
People find haemorrhoids difficult and embarrassing to talk about. In fact, many people are also too embarrassed by their condition to seek the advice of a pharmacist or doctor.

If you suffer from haemorrhoids you may find that you are less active and even less interested in life, as a result of having to cope with the condition. You may also find even simple activities like sitting and driving can be rather painful.

Eat fruit, cereals, bran-based bread, green vegetables and raw vegetables.

It can also be a good idea to cut down on salt to reduce your blood pressure.

If you are straining with your bowel movements, then a laxative such as Dulcoease Laxative Capsules may help.

For mild haemorrhoids, there are several over-the-counter creams and ointments you can buy. If these prove ineffective, your doctor can administer injection treatment that is safe and virtually painless and which should help your recovery. In some cases where haemorrhoids prolapse a lot, surgery can correct the condition.

How Chemist Online can help
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