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By: Gen Wright

What is human growth hormone or HGH? Well it is a polypeptide hormone produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. It helps in reverse ageing. Letís understand the statement. Human body has evolved over the ages to come to its present form. Today, we begin to age early. Almost by 30, the body begins to show signs of early ageing. How are these signs manifest? The signs can come in form of acute wrinkles, weakening bones, decreasing muscle density and higher vulnerability to immune-specific diseases. Further, the Diabetic and cardiovascular tension also begins to build in with age. Body becomes a mire of unhealthy metabolism. This subsequently causes low energy levels, fatigue and toxin concentration. Even the vital organs get jammed slowly.

Now, with the understanding of what ageing can do, we can better understand how reverse aging can help. It can help with rejuvenating human body and keeping us physiologically young for a far longer time. In present times, the production of human growth hormone begins to diminish after 30. This is why it is not possible to have strong bones, muscles and generic body structure after this period. If somehow, the production could be boosted or HGH could be artificially introduced. Then ageing could be cast-away.

Now thankfully, it is possible. Today there are various HGH supplements, releasers, pills and sprays which help with stimulating the production of natural HGH in the body. The pituitary finds its touch again and the body becomes re-enthused as if a great weight is being put aside. HGH pills are large and often they are very difficult to be swallowed and broken down. Because they are not absorbed easily by the intestinal wall, they sometimes do not get absorbed into the bloodstream. On the contrary, it is easy for the sprays to be administered on the mucosal lining. It can very easily be absorbed straightaway into the bloodstream. Naturally, such fast stimulation results in immediate effects. The sprays come in liquid forms.

Now, the HGH releasers for anti-aging measures are equally brilliant and cost-effective line of treatment. While the HGH supplements are best suited to human body, their administration can be painful. Further, the drug comes really expensive. A HGH releaser might cost something like $400 to $500 a year whereas an injection may cost $10000 to $20000 per month.

HGH anti-aging revolution through supplements and pills is here to stay. HGH supplements is the best alternative solution to HGH injections. People donít need to spend thousands for HGH therapy when they can get benefits through other safe HGH supplementation. If you shop around you can find many companies that sell hgh releasers is pill and spray form. Many of them sell very small potent of hgh, you need to go after which is 30,000 nanograms per dosage.

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