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Oklahoma Gin is an offshoot of Gin rummy and this is a game of cards, which will require the participation of at least 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. A normal pack of 52 cards will have to be used for this purpose. When two players are playing a game then every player will be given a set of ten cards for the purpose of dealing. When three or four players are participating in a game, then every player will be given seven cards for the purpose of dealing.

The main purpose which needs to be achieved while playing a game of Oklahoma Gin is to make sure that you have eliminated all the cards which are present with you and they should be arranged in sets and runs so that they can be discarded in a periodical manner. A set will contain 3-4 cards which have the same numerical value but which will belong to different suits while a run will have three or more cards, which will belong to the same suit. Every player will get a turn where he can draw a card from the pile of discarded cards and add it on their set in order to create sets or runs. The player must also remove a card from their current hand and place it in the discarded pile of cards. There are 3 different strategies, which need to be employed while trying to win a round of Oklahoma gin and they are undercut , knock and gin.

Gin The players will create melds by making use of all the cards that are present with them and they will lay them at the table and the last card, which does not match any of the other cards or the last deadwood will be placed inside the pile of discarded cards.

Knock This is when the player has created melds using entire cards which are available and the count of the deadwoods is equal to that of the face value or the numerical value of the opening card.

Undercut This is when the count of the deadwoods is equivalent to that of the numerical value of the knocker or lower than that.

Once the gin has been declared, then the remaining players can place their melds on the table. This will help in reducing the count of their deadwoods and this will automatically reduce the total no of penalty points incurred by each player. If a player decides to knock, then all the remaining players will have to place their melds on the table and matching cards will have to be added depending on the original melds which have been created by the knocker.

The person who scores the maximum points in a game of Oklahoma Gin will be declared the winner. The Gin move is that which will decide the person who has managed to collect the maximum number of points. The person who has declared gin will be given Twenty Five points while the remaining players will receive points, which will be twice the amount of their deadwoods.

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