Guidelines Concerning Employee Recognition and Awards

By: Edward Hill

Guidelines Concerning Employee Recognition and Awards
According to Brian Tracy the top 3 employee motivators are…
1.) Money 2.) Recognition 3.) Paid time off
Not necessarily in that order.
If your business has an employee recognition program it’s a great plan to implement all three of these.
First you can affix recognition to "above and beyond" activities and goal accomplishment as negotiated in an upfront performance requirement. The key here is the “Above and Beyond”. Please do not reward your employees for just doing the standards of their job descriptions. That’s like rewarding a student with an “A” for showing up to class… you have to deserve it. Rewards should exclusively be based off of merit. Recognition comes in many forms one of which is not a sticky note on the door saying “awesome job”. You should take the time to have an award personalized to their accomplishment as well as tailored with their name. If you choose to give out an award whether it’s weekly, monthly or yearly, make sure you add the sizzle. Have the event catered (or at least bring snacks), call an all staff meeting, prepare a great speech on the accomplishments and how the organization is proud to “reward” individuals for going above and beyond. The bar has now been raised. Set the goal higher and reward generously if it’s achieved.
Second, financial bonuses can be applied to certain exceptional achievements too. In a recent survey that asked employees what motivates them, money was much lower in the hierarchy but it was dually noted that these surveys can be spoiled by different upbringings. dad told us to never talk about money and the “Love of money is the root of all evil”. It’s assumed people don’t want to be considered shallow or immoral for being motivated by money. When supervisors where interviewed on what they thought motivated employees money ranked much higher.
And finally you can add a bonus PTO day with no strings attached. Nowadays it’s harder then ever to take time off. A “Free” day off with pay is a awesome motivator, even though they may still have to do a little work to stay caught up.
There is always opportunity for employee reward and recognition activities that generally build constructive morale in the work environment.
Rewards and recognition that help both the employer and the employee get what they need from work are a win-win situation. Make this the time you plan a recognition process that will "wow" your staff and "wow" you with its positive outcomes.

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