Guide To Exhibiting At Breyer Horse Toy Shows

By: Kanooga

When it comes to horse toys, a Breyer horse is second to none. Creating some of the most realistic model horses in the world, Breyer has gathered a loyal following.

Breyer horse toys are so well-loved and valued by their owners that there are even Breyer Horse Shows. Breyer horse shows are a great way to connect with other horse toy enthusiasts. There are two kinds of shows - photo shows, where competitors enter a photo of a diorama, and live shows, featuring actual horse toys.

Photo shows - although entering a photo of a model horse may seem easy, thereís an awful lot to consider. Photos must show the horse toy posed in a realistic setting, meaning entrants canít simply stand their very small model horse in a regular-sized stable and just click away. Gravel and dirt settings can work well, as can clipped grass - anything that doesnít upset the scale of the picture. A blank background is fine, though some competitors prefer to include appropriately-sized posters depicting a realistic setting. Just like real horse shows, photo shows have classes (breed, color, and gender), and photos are entered accordingly.

Live shows - live shows are closer to real horse shows. Horse toys are taken to the show to be judged. There are a few pitfalls to consider before entering live shows. Despite being factory-produced, every Breyer horse is different. Some have simple flaws, such as uneven paint, and coloring can vary widely. At a live show, a judge can see any and all of these flaws, making the competition a bit more difficult.

There are two sets of classes in a live show: halter (where only the horse is displayed) and performance (where the horse and tack, including saddle and bridle is also displayed). In a performance class, the model horse is posed according to the category. As categories can be diverse - Western, English, jumping, and dressage are just a few - many competitors use props (as well as tack) to create the desired effect. Some competitors even choose to enter a customized Breyer horse in order to achieve a specific effect. Customized horses are exactly what they sound like - Breyer horses that have been customized in some way. Customizations can vary widely, from a new paint job and coat to replacing the plastic mane with real horse hair to horse toy repairs (replacing an ear, leg, etc). There are no limits on how a competitor can modify their horse, and classes and shows for customized horses have become popular.

Unlike a real horse show, Breyer horse toy show competitors are limited only by their imagination.

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