Guide On How To Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

By: Michael H. Smith

No matter what precaution steps you take to prevent carpenter ant from invading your home, there is still a possibility that carpenter ants can find a way to enter and built nest in it.
If it do happens, it meant that you have probably neglected some areas and it is important that you find out where is it and stop it from happening.
Anyway, once your home is being infested by carpenter ants, you should start to look at how to get rid of the pest as soon as possible because any further delay could mean more damages to your home.
Most people choose to hire a pest control company to solve carpenter ants infestation problem, and there are some who are more adventurous, choose to do it themselves.
There are a few steps to go about if you want to get rid of carpenter ants yourself. First, you will need to find out where are the carpenter ants nest and it is important to note that there is always a possibility of more than one nest. You will need to find all of them out
When you are done locating the nests, getting rid of carpenter ants is just a matter of destroying their nests. You need to drill holes that penetrate these nests, but, be careful when you do so because you may accidentally damage the building structure.
After the holes are drilled, you can then puff boric acid into the nest areas and once the ants get into contact with this acid, they will be killed by the strong powder from the acid.
After all are done, you should then proceed to spray insecticide on paths and routes that are used by carpenter ants to navigate.
The above process of getting rid of carpenter ants can sound difficult for some people and it is more advisable that they seek help from pest control company rather than doing it yourself.

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