Gucci Handbags: Reasons to Get the Original and the Replica

By: DanPartridge

Examine the motivations people have for getting replica Gucci handbags over the originals.

There has always been a certain allure to having, and showing off that you have, authentic Gucci handbags. Even businessmen who cash in on the inertia of women envying other women who can buy authentic Gucci bags understand this, and capitalise on it. Not only does Gucci command a fashion statement, not only is it an enduring icon in the fashion world, the Gucci handbags' line are glam and chic and class incarnated in a bag any woman with taste can bring and "wear."

But if people can't tell the clone from the real one, what does buying the more expensive real Gucci handbags give you? A clean fashion conscience, a deep knowledge that you didnít' settle for less. But then, buying and fashion conscience are relative.

For those who, realistically, cannot set aside money to buy the real thing, the emerging improvements over manufacturing technology and attention to details are reasons to be happy. Gucci handbags now come replicated in almost every detail, from the clean and fine stitch work, to the first-touch-first-look feel of the leather, to the artwork and fonts on the tags and labels. Businessmen who clone Gucci have learned from their lesson. They figured, the less people notice the differences between real and fake, the more people will be buying the fake ones, which can pass for the real thing; at least to the non-devoted Gucci handbags' fan.

Devoted fans called this the cheapening moment. Since those who follow fashion and those who can afford to follow Gucci handbags' trends are not necessarily the same population, there is that inevitable phenomenon of looking down on those who buy the cheap copies of Gucci bags.

The thing about replica Gucci handbags is this. Thousands of these clones, we all know, sell for a great deal less than the genuine article from which they were copied. Why purchase Gucci handbags for thousands of dollars when you can get a near-identical copy that is just as comfortable, stylish, sturdy, and enduring? Replica Gucci products are designed and manufactured to look and feel just like the original. Some call them 'knockoffs' because, as some Gucci bags' fans found out the hard way, they bought these thinking they were the real thing.

If you're looking for utility over style, and if you value affordability over enduring clique, that doesn't mean considering Gucci handbags must be off your shopping radar. Something so good can't be taboo. How to get hold of what people perceive to be the genuine article? One, find and buy replicas so true to the Gucci bags' form and feel that they're just as good (and you can fool people into thinking you have a real Gucci). Two, scout for good deals out there (not the bargain fakes with ugly stitch work), but the real Gucci bags. Thereís bound to be Gucci items for sale, which of course, can be better than having replicas or cheap imitations. At least you have a real Gucci, and that's something you don't have to trick people into believing.

The Internet is filled with people who do both, and who offer help for people who wish to either buy real Gucci handbags and those who decide to settle for the copies. Whichever road you decide to take, you know the scenario and your reasons for preferring either.

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