Gucci Handbags: Getting the Genuine Article

By: DanPartridge

Know how to spot imitations of Gucci handbags.

Wearing Gucci handbags, along with your exquisite attire, gives you that comfort and confidence--this is who you are, girl! Now if you could just steer clear of buying fakes. Yes. Copies sold as and claimed as the real thing, the real Gucci handbags, have been around for a long time. Time was when people could easily spot them. Since copy-manufacturers have gone smarter these days, there's all the more reason to watch out for impressive but just the same, fake, Gucci handbags. If Chinese can clone Samsung high end cellular phones, you can bet the same detail per detail copying can work for Gucci handbags. My, that's a scary thought.

The bag is in the details

Chances are you're not the only fan / devotee of Gucci handbags. This means there are more of you out there sharing experiences with fakes, swapping tips of how to avoid them, and exchanging stories of would-have-been buys. Most likely, aficionados of Gucci are all over the Internet, swapping stories on forums and blogs. All you need to do is Google them up to get updated on the latest tips on avoiding the fake buys.

Go direct

Go to the Gucci site itself to see pictures of the genuine Gucci handbags. If you can familiarise yourself with them (and scope out the latest designs and plan when to buy them), then that's already a step ahead.

The usual signs

Start by staring at the stitch work. Rushed and mass produced clones often have crooked stitch work, which makes Gucciís handbags leather clones all the worse-looking. Also, if you examine Gucci bags wrapped in plastic, that's a big no. Gucci doesn't come wrapped in plastic. When you check the logo and fonts on the alleged Gucci handbags, they look unpolished, rushed, contraband.

Just the leather quality and the stitch work that comes with it are the give aways. When you visit the Gucci site, you'll see the materials used and colours used for specific products. No crooked stitch work. The font work and art on the tags are also seamless and perfect, not barely readable.

Bargains, discount prices, flea markets

One way for some people to get duped into buying fake Gucci handbags is when they hear about and come to bargained items sales, midnight markets, and the like. Youíll find there, amasingly low priced, products of all kinds, but rarely will the actual items there be the real thing. Bargains arenít bad on their own, but if youíre looking for the real Gucci bags, itís best to find trusted stores. The Gucci website can point you to stores in your vicinity.

If you've been buying real Gucci handbags from one or a few shops for some time now, best to ask the store clerks questions on how to spot fakes, where they might be bought, and how to avoid getting duped. After all, as clone manufacturing makes advances, it might make it hard for the non-vigilant fans of Gucci to spot the fake from the genuine article. Best to be on the look out, girl!

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