Growing Popularity of Links – Strategies and Analysis

By: Jack Fernandez

Web links are important in a sense it navigates through the pages, acting like streets between pages and find the relation between them. Earlier times, link building was the most important factor in online marketing, representing as votes, though still important but the dynamics have been changed and obviously refined. If you say links are important, they surely are, but they aren’t everything in SEO. However, SEO link building services attribute a major portion of the engines algorithms to link-based factors. Through links search engines find and analyze the popularity of page and website, but also factors like spam, authority and trust. If the links are coming from trusted sites, it means your site is seeing by search engines as an authority site, but it is not, it is considered as a bad linked site.

So what are the factors that make a good linking building strategy? Or how we can analysis the search engine link building?

Factor used by search engines – link signals

The important point is the elements of a link that are considered by search engines by which they rank the website or page. Different search engines have different methods to use links, so the complete algorithm of link analysis is unknown, but with case studies, experiences and hands-on testing we can draw some intelligent conclusion about link building. Some of the link signals are considered by good online by SEO consulting services are given below:

Global popularity

If your inbound link is coming from a good page ranked site or say in general a good site, the link is considered good. It means you are voted from an important person and you are authorized that you are doing great. For example, if you are linked by a .gov site, it means you are meant to be important. To earn trust and authority with search engines, you will need a good link partner.

Local or topic specific link buildings

The links coming from a local or community based site that is related to your subject matters in search engine algorithms. For example, if your website sells mobile related products, and you will get links from similar sites, you will get authority.

Anchor text

Although Google has given less emphasis on anchor text these days, the factor can’t be discarded totally. Search engines get strong signal from anchor text, it means if multiple links point to a page with the right keywords, it means you will get good rank. For example, “click here” results good because of anchor text of inbound links.

Trust linking

Internet has lots of spams and in order to cut the spam factor, search engines measure sites on trust factor based on the link graph. Earning links from highly trusted domains can be a productive in scoring metric.


Link signals have their own life cycle. It means you have to work out continuously to make it fresh. So, it is important to get new links from sites over time, so search engines use the freshness signal to evaluate the site. In this way they judge based on popularity and importance.

Social linking

In the past two years social media have become one of the most important factors in promoting sites. Although social links are considered differently than regular links, they are noticed by search engines. Search engines find link signals through social platforms and there is no denying the significance of social linking in SEO.

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