Grout Cleaning: The Bane of the Homeowner

By: Rick Amorey

If you are a homeowner, you'll most likely have grout as your mortal enemy when it?s time to clean the home. Yes, grout does essentially glue together the tiles in your home, but you must have noticed how hard it is to maintain. If you neglect cleaning for a period of time, it gets too dirty; the longer you neglected, the harder it is to clean.
Why is it so hard to clean grout out? If you look closely at the grout, you'll be able to see that it is quite similar in structure to a sponge. Grout is made of a porous substance and has small holes in it. While these openings are small, they are sufficiently big enough to let dust particles and moisture in to get trapped, while preventing a cleaning brush from cleaning it out thoroughly. This is what makes cleaning grout quite a challenge.
If left dirty, the build-up of grime on the grout will become a prime breeding ground for a number of harmful bacteria and fungi which are deadly to humans. If you're asthmatic, you'll definitely have a problem breathing in this area, and even people with good health may fall victim to black mold. If you think your home is thoroughly clean, but family members are sickly and are reluctant to stay inside the home, then you may want to take another look at the grout inside your home.
The moral of the article is that you should always strive to keep grout as clean as you can. Avoid letting dirt getting in and settling beyond where your brush can reach. Stay vigilant and clean every week, if possible. Do this, and your grout will be harmless to your family.
Every household has grout, and almost every household has a grout problem because of it being high maintenance. I fully empathize with people who can't really spare time cleaning as often as they should, as I am one of them. If you are, too, then you can contact people who specialize in cleaning grout to come in and clean it up for you. You'll still have a healthy home if you do this.

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