Grooming your Dog at home

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Grooming your pet is more important than most people think. They may even need to be brushed everyday depending on your dogís coat. Not brushing, combing, or cutting your dogs hair can lead to large mats that will be very uncomfortable for your dog. It will be painful for them when brushed and may even need to be cut out; ultimately leading to painful bald spots. Regular grooming can also keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny.

While choosing dog grooming products, donít forget to include nail clippings, teeth brushing, and ear cleanings. Also it is always good to start grooming your dog at a young age so it becomes routine to them and they don't learn to fear the process. Dog grooming at home is increasingly getting popular as dog owners realize the availability of various types of dog grooming products and the fact that you donít have to hassle and wait in line anymore while taking out your dog to a grooming parlor. If you decide to groom your dog use good quality products that will be gentler on your pet. Grooming your dog should be a bonding experience between the two of you.

Vacuum pet groomers, like RoboCut and Flowbee allow you to give your dog a regular haircut and it can even be used for the rest of the family. These kind of vacuum groomers use vacuum suction and electric scissors which makes grooming your pet at home much easier and faster.

If you are on a budget and want to save some cash, or if you want to learn how to groom your own dog, make sure that you treat your pet with the utmost care. It is always advisable best to start off with practicing clipping their nails before you do a full grooming of haircut, nails, teeth and ears. Also, if you are planning on cutting your dog's hair, start off small. Instead of going for a full body shave, it is better to start off small, trim some hair here and there first. You should take care to be very gentle around their face and eyes. When you buy dog grooming products, it is important to always choose things made especially for canines. You will be surprised to find out that shampoos for dogs have many other different ingredients not found in shampoos made for people. You may not be able to notice the bad effects human shampoos have on your dogís hair after a couple of washes, but you will soon see it after repeated uses.

Dogs have different problems than humans do. We donít normally sit around and scratch our heads as much dogs scratch. Dogs usually eliminate toxins from their body in a different way than humans. While humans can eliminate toxins from their body by sweating, dogs do not sweat as much and the only means of eliminating toxins from their body is through their kidneys and bowels. Dogís have sensitive skin- A dog only has about 3-5 cell-layers thick while we have about 10-15 layers thick. Harsh shampoos with lots of chemicals and those that arenít PH balanced will be irritating for your dog. So, it is really important to choose the right shampoo for your dog.

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