Grand Cayman Islands Marble Tile

By: Mel Joelle

Marble tile comes in a stunning variety of styles and colors, due to the number of different marble deposits found throughout the world. Perfect as a flooring material, marble tile can be cut to fit any type of room, kitchen countertop or exterior wall. And marble can be shipped safely from the distributor to any port on Earth, including the Grand Cayman Islands.

Take A Close Look At Marble

This material is prized because of the intricate swirl patterns found in the rock. No two marble floors look exactly alike, even if the rock came from the very same quarry. Marble is a metamorphic stone, composed mostly of limestone and/or dolomite, and the compression of other material from above slowly recrystalizes the rock itself, hence the designation metamorphic. Caught among the limestone are impurities such as clay, chert and silicate compounds, and over eons this results in the familiar swirl patterns found in the marble itself. White and off-white marble have a lack of silicate impurities, while greenish marble contains more than average amounts of silicates as well as magnesium.

When quarried from a large deposit site, marble is cut into thinner sheets and finally into tiles. Although marble can be broken easily with a sharp blow when cut thin, the rock is extremely resistant to shock impacts once fastened securely to a firm substrate material. Marble is also polishable, part of the manufacturing process, and once installed as a floor, countertop or wall material it needs very little additional polishing over the years.

Customers And Color Samples

Importers can ship marble in large quantities to the Grand Cayman Islands, often directly from the tile manufacturing site. The customer has the opportunity to view the actual samples prior to ordering and can get a feel for the actual swirl pattern of each individual style and color. Installers are usually contractors who specialize in placing tiles according to their swirls and can create a surface that looks quite natural, regardless of the size of the floor or wall surface. The number of center pieces, edges and corners is determined and the order is placed with special instructions regarding the edge style. Some customers prefer squared off edges while others will want a sloping side of the pieces that will make up the perimeter tiles.

Visit An Online Store

Stoneline Group LLC is a direct importer and distributor of fine marble tiles, headquartered in Miami, FL. Since 2003 they have been providing affordable marble tile to customers throughout the southern U.S. and the Caribbean. Customers can visit their online gallery and see for themselves the huge assortment of styles, colors and patterns available. The company also offers free quotes on wholesale quantities and shipping costs to the Grand Cayman Islands. Marble is shipped from the distributor or cutting manufacturer and can be sent via container ship directly to the nearest port in the destination country. Shipments are guaranteed to have been quality inspected before delivery, offering customers the greatest amount of usable tile and the least amount of waste material.

Call Stoneline Group LLC today or visit online at for a full tour of the marble tile product inventory. They guarantee the lowest possible costs, expert advice on marble tile purchasing and the details of how the finest marble can be shipped directly to any job site in the Grand Cayman Islands.

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