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By: Mel Joelle

Google makes over a 30 billion dollars a year in revenue based on advertisements alone. This is accomplished by selling ads for keywords. (Google Adwords) Imagine all of the words in a dictionary. Now think of any number of combinations for these words. Then picture Google getting $2 – $80 every time one of these combinations are chosen by a user. This is essentially the way that Google sees their profit. This method doesn’t have to only be profitable for Google; business owners can profit from Adwords too.

If you are choosing the right keywords and driving in traffic, you can potentially make money. In order to get traffic to your site, you must implement a successful internet marketing campaign. Here’s how:

Know Your Niche

To market your business effectively, you must know who you are targeting. Decide what your niche wants and provide that. Provide relevant and targeted information to your prospect base. The more essential your product or service is to your audience, the more traffic you will build to your site.

Build a User Friendly Website

Make sure that your website is optimized for terms that represent your product or service. Use a Content Management System like WordPress and take advantage of the latest technology in design and coding. These systems are built with users in mind and are open source. (free)

Keyword Tools

There are useful tools that can assist you in choosing the keywords that will be most helpful in marketing your business.

SpyFu: Allows you to download your competitor’s Pay Per Click (PPC) keyword list, organic rankings, ad budget, ad text and landing pages. Assessing your competitor’s use of keywords will help you to determine which methods are most effective.

Google Adwords: This is a service that lets you create and run ads for your business on Google and its advertising network. You only pay when your ads are clicked. Adwords also offer a wide range of keyword tools that can give you information on search volumes, costs and competition levels.

Raven Tools: This is a SEO tool used for marketing campaign research and management. It is equipped with search engine results page tracking and automated link monitoring. It also has multiple data sources and social media tools.


This is the process of improving your website visibility in organic search results of major search engines. There are a few factors that make SEO successful:

On Site Optimization: Aside from good keyword research and efficient link building, on-site optimization is very important. This means that your site is functioning properly. Also, your page titles and meta descriptions must all be relevant to your site’s content. It is helpful to build your site using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. These systems have a dynamic sitemap. This sitemap sends a notification to Google each time your site is updated with new content.

Off Site Optimization: Link building is important for your site’s ranking in search engine results. Links to your site are seen as votes for your site. Be sure that all links to your site are relevant. Quality links can aid to your site ranking well in search results.

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