Google AdWords Defined

By: Kirt Christensen

Over the last decade the internet has become a global hub, an axis upon which the world turns. There are millions of businesses all over the world that would be suffering should the bell for the stock market exchange ring Monday morning and the internet not be fully operational.

Out there in the world wide web there exists a creature of opportunity, a man or woman keeping their eyes on the happenings and trends going on around them and waiting for the opportunity to make a profit.

The key to that is in the details and tricks of the trade of internet marketing. Before the internet came along, the ability to be profitable depended primarily upon getting beyond close proximity. Televisions and newspapers let the businesses reach out to big consumer audience but his efforts were curtailed by the simple fact the television broadcast areas were only so big and newspaper delivery usually did not extend beyond the continent it was printed on.

The internet changed all of this. Suddenly,

Information is sent between business associates around the world in just minutes.

People can choose between thousands upon thousands of shops in seconds just by putting some keywords into an internet search engine.

Previous to the internet a marketer had restrictions on the people he could reach but now he can put up a web page and do some advertising and reach most of these unreachable markets.

In order to follow the latest internet marketing trends, Google initiated Adwords. Adwords is the means advertisers can use to make an ad campaign that is centered around a set of keywords relative to their product or service that they are marketing. These ads grab the attention of people searching under this topic on the internet because they are displayed prominently on the search results pages on Google. Because of that the odds of the ads being see are greatly increased.

Google Adwords accounts can be tricky to do. Marketers that are savvy want to be sure and have multiple ads to get the word out about their product.

To keep advertising money from being frittered away it is vital that tracking be done on each ad to know how profitable each ad is. Even though this is a necessary aspect of all marketing campaigns, it is especially needful in the Google Adwords because it is operated on a pay-per-click format.

What that means is that Google allows the business owner to run their ad with the understanding that they will be charged a small fee every time that a consumer chooses to view an advertisement, whether they make a purchase or not.

While this fee is generally not excessive (a matter of a nickel, a dollar at most) these costs can quickly accumulate thanks to the aimless curiosity of the bored web surfer.

To help control spending even more Google has made it possible for an advertiser to put a roof on the spending budget in their adwords campaign. When the roof is reached Google will no longer display the ad until the budget is renewed.

AdWords has prospered because it helps advertisers reach their advertising goals while also helping them to keep an eye on the budget.

To register for an Adwords account advertisers can go to To register is free, the results, priceless.

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