Good Home Security Practices When Buying A New Home

By: Jim Johnson

There are lots of things to take care of when you buy a new home and often home security is an issue that many do not think of until it's too late. A new home purchase could be a home that is brand new, in which case security measures will be easier to implement, but many times the home has already had inhabitants and security becomes even more important in that case.

If the home is being built and you still have input into the options that are installed, be sure to select a good home security alarm system and have it professionally installed as the house is built. There are plenty of options when it comes to a home security system, so read up on them and select one that has the level of features that makes you feel comfortable. Adding a monitoring service can be a good investment too, so ask around and see what good receommendations that you get for such a service in your area as the quality of some services can vary considerably from one locale to another.

If the home has already been inhabited and you are purchasing it from someone else, there are some very important security measures that you want to be sure to take as you gain occupancy of the home. The most important are the locks on all of the outside doors. It is a good practice to change every lock that can be accessed from outside when you take up residence. The previous owner could have hidden a key to an outside door and then forgot about it, or the key may have even been stolen or lost and has fallen into the wrong hands. At any rate, it is a risk that should not be taken. Having all of the locks changed as you move in is an investment in peace of mind, and don't forget the windows either. If they use locks that have keys, you might as well change them too while you are at it. If the windows do not have locks at all, now is the time to install them and make sure that the windows cannot be opened wide enough to allow entry by someone climbing through them.

As soon as you move in, go around and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Let them see you and get to know who you and your family are so if they see someone else snooping outside your house they won't just assume that it is one of your family. Offer to watch their property too, and if there is a neighborhood watch program, be sure to take part in it. These kind of programs can be a very effective crime prevention method.

Usually home inspections are made before property is exhanged to be sure that all is in working order, but ask the inspector to be sure that the fire alarms and gas and electric appliances are in good working order and do not present a safety hazard before you move in. And also inspect your washing machine hose for leaks and cracking as this often causes home floods that are potentially very expensive.

These simple precautions can have a dramatic impact on helping make your new home more safe and secure.

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