Golfing Tips - How to Cure Your Slice Right Now and Hit Every Fairway Every Time, Slashing Your Score

By: Dave Norman

Do you want to be able to cure your slice and master the art of driving clean straight soaring drives straight as an arrow down the fairway without having to resort to dodgey gimmick clubs or expensive pro lessons? The simple to follow step by step techniques below will help you to cure your slice quickly and easily with minimum effort.

The most trying part of slicing is that even if you manage hit the fairway, the vicious sideways spin will force your ball to veer off into the rough, leaving you to play your next shot in trouble, stuck behind a well placed tree or in the long grass. Even if you stay on the fairway you will lose both distance and position every time you strike the ball overwhelming your chances of a good score. The golf slice has two possible causes.

To begin with you need to think about the outside swing path. This is a result of poor body positioning. One of the lazier ways golfers try to cure their slice is by aiming to the left of the target, hoping to compensate for the right hand veer of the ball.

This may seem logical but when you think about it in the long run it's doesn't work.. You're actually forcing yourself into a mediocre set up and trying to solve one problem while creating another. Instead concentrate on keeping your shoulders, hips and feet square to the target line. Positioning your body correctly ensures that you club impacts the ball square to the club face stopping you from slicing. The succeeding problem you need to manage is striking the ball with an open club face.

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