Golf Swing Guide - Four Important Steps To Reach The Perfect Golf Swing

By: Akhmad Yani

Before making the swing to hit the ball, it is best to have a routine that you know how to quickly go through in order to bring together your concentration and mental energy. Each player has their specific way of approaching the ball before they take their swing.

Below is an example of a specific pre-shot routine that you can use for your personal use:

Step 1: Take single practice swing

A lot of golfer players, particularly beginners, lean to exaggerate this first step by doing too many practice swings. Unluckily, taking too many practice swings can make a someone more jumpy and less self-assured about the shot.

All you need is a good practice swing before hitting the ball. Keep it simple and attempt to keep your mind off of the swing to the greatest extent possible. Your target is to simply limber up your arms and shoulders, not over-stressing the play.

Step 2: Visualize the outcome of the shot you want to see

When you have released a practice swing, take a little steps back and mentally imagine the clubhead hitting the ball in perfect harmony with your desired aim.

Describe the ball flying through the air, with a perfect arc, and then landing exactly where you would like it to go. Literally pretend that you are making a real shot, then step up to the ball for the real thing.

Step 3: Get your goal dialed in.

Now it's time to get your goal set up so that you can hit the ball directly to your desired landing spot. You have to align yourself with the clubhead in accordance with the turf and the distance you need to achieve your goal.

Once you are ready, choose a second target that is a few meters in front of you, one that is in the direct line of fire. This second objective makes it easier to hit the ball towards your destination.

Step 4: Fire!

At this point, you have taken a practice swing, imagined the entire shot in your mind, and set in perfectly with your aim. Now It is time to swing your club. Before making your shot, however, be sure to stay limber by wiggling the clubhead a little. Once you're ready, it is time to get your backswing in motion and go for the gold.

Golf swing is very important because it is from this movement that the body develops momentum that enhances the rotational speed and power of the hips. Shear force is applied by the feet along the surface of, or parallel to the ground.

Through the swing, shear forces are being applied by both feet. These shear forces create torque that turns the hips around the axis of the trunk. This defines the rotational component of the lower body movement. The rotational component may be associated most directly to the final club head speed reached during the swing.

When faults take place in lower body mechanics, the effect on the golf swing is analogous to cracks in the foundation of a house. When a stable base is lost, swing efficiency erodes. The most common mistake in lower body mechanics is sliding. When a golfer slides, the interaction between the linear and rotational components decomposes, weight transfer is reduced, and rotation is lost.

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