Golf Putting Tips - Every Putt You Effort Should Be Motivated By Self-Confidence

By: Akhmad Yani

You have probably heard this instruction before, but it is worth repeating: Every shot you hit golf should have a purpose behind it.

Your scorecard can only be improved by increasing your abilities and having a knowledge of just how to properly prepare and push yourself on every shot you make. You are supposed to be asking yourself: What do I hope from this shot? What is a proper result?

Proper Objectives for Your Best Score

The key to becoming a better golf player and lowering your score is to totally avoid taking too many putt shots on the green. Regardless of how well you can shoot the ball from your tee shot and landing it on the green within regulations, if you take an improper amount of hitting the ball into the hole, the chance to improve your score has been wasted. There is no excuse for this.

The Initial Goal

Do not confuse objectives with the expectations. An expectation is an action that is reasonable and one that should occur every time you decide on the outcome. A goal, on the other hand, is something in which you are reaching high for, but it may take a little time to reach. Once achieved, the goal can then may be an expectation through repetition.

The initial target you should have in golf is to send the ball into the hole within 36 putts or less, on an 18 hole course. This means that you must hit two putts or less on every green.

This goal really becomes easier to get the closer you can hit the ball to the green, but those times where it lands 30 to 50 feet away from the hole, you've got yourself a major feat to achieve. It's going to take extreme focus to make long putt shots successful.

Make Every Putt Count

By getting the challenge of this article to play every golf game with the goal of 36 or fewer putts, you've taken a big step towards improving yourself and your skill. Nevertheless, do not let this challenge get in the way of your confidence.

When facing a long putt, you may have the tendency to get laziness and lose confidence in knowing that you could make the shot. This may cause you to swing at the ball in a halfhearted matter and quit your goal before even trying.

Too Much Confidence can Damage the Trust

Even if the shot appears to be very simple, the same negative result may occur as well. You may have been very successful in getting the ball close to the hole, but feel too confident and attack the ball with too much aggressiveness. Instead of staying focused, your overconfidence and lack of concentration may cause an easy 2' foot putt to totally miss the hole.

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