Golf Pitching Hints on Playing From the Rough

By: Jim O Connell

Playing from the rough in golf isn't ideal, and can required a little preparation of some golf pitching tips to be competent at it. Since each golfer will find himself within the rough sooner or later, here we will provide a few golfing tips for executing this tricky golf shot. Lots of recreational golfers, in their frustration at being there and their hurriedness getting out, merely grab a golf club and begin hacking. However, this is exactly the time to take a few deep breaths and evaluate the situation. Knowing just a few golf swing exercises for getting out of the rough will assist in giving the golfer the confidence in making the proper decisions on how to play this golf shot.
Before Playing From the Rough: Relax
My primary golfing tip for just about any situation in golf that demands decision-making is to buy into the proper mindset. If we acknowledge the fact that golf actually is just a succession of difficult situations to beat, then we'll be in the best mental position to deal with every situation. Being relaxed and assessing the damage with a clear brain is going to go far in shaping the right outcome. So before we get into a few swing exercises for getting out from the rough, settle on if it is thick rough or light rough. The way you will play the shot is going to be determined by this.
Golf Pitching Tips for Deep Rough
1. Golf club choice is crucial. The initial golf advice is to select a club with a sharp leading edge, such as shorter irons or lofted rescue clubs. This will likely permit you to cut through the thick grass and get the ball flying more rapidly. Do not try to shape the ball using this shot, as coming from deep grass will generally convey over-spin on the golf ball.
2. Positioning with the golf ball is vital. Positioned too far frontwards and the club is going to grab too much grass, and too far back is going to take away club loft to get the ball airborne. Middle to somewhat left of center works best for me, but you need to figure out your comfort zone. In addition, stand somewhat nearer to the golf ball and utilize a more upright golf swing.
3. Your target area. Realize that the golf ball will come out as being a "flier", with modest backspin and more roll, so alter your target in view of that.
4. Open the clubface. This will likely not only allow the ball to become in the air more rapidly, but when the grass grabs the club hosel, it'll necessarily shut the clubface on impact.
5. Stability. The last golfing advice deals with balance. Together with your weight somewhat forward, swing with a steeper angle to the ball, keeping your hands ahead of the club face.
Golf Pitching Tips for Lighter Rough
For golf tips on getting from lighter rough if the golf ball isn't buried, think more regarding making solid contact with the golf ball, using a swing with somewhat more of a sweeping action. Choking down on the golf club a will restrict the arc of the golf swing, providing you with greater control. One of your greatest dangers with this shot would be to undercut the golf ball, so think about solid golf ball striking with a controlled golf swing.
Hitting out from the rough doesn't have to be as complicated as it appears, so do not be intimidated with the golf shot. A final golf tip for getting out from the rough is to be aggressive using your golf swing, but not too aggressive with your likely results. Succeeding in advancing out in one stroke and advancing the ball down the fairway ought to be the aim.

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For some helpful tips on ways to work on your golf swing, check out A Consistent Golf Swing, and check out this site on The Rescue Club. Jim O'Connell is a writer and golf enthusiast living in London.

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