Golf And Mental Pressure

By: Sally Crown

Shooting a good score when playing golf is chiefly about having a thoughtful mental attitude to the game. If you don't have a good mental approach to the game then you will most likely find it even harder to be a low handicap golfer. A lot of golfers get agitated when the round is falling apart. Becoming frustrated is one of the largest problems that any golfer can make. If you do not have a stable mental game then your golf will suffer and so will you. There is a great deal of well written books and online courses that can really sort out your golf mentality. It is usually the most important factor to having a under par round.

The number 1 rule when playing a round of golf is to be have self belief. If you are under confident then you have much less chance of playing well. Players who do not believe in themselves 9 time out of 10 dwell on the the poor shots they play. Confidence is a major concern and can can stop you achieving your full potential. For example under confident players will dwell on the times the mess up a shot than the times they get it right. When people who play golf lack confidence walk on to the course they are frequently more scared than the confident player. The confident player is the person who will imagine the good and not the bad when he is out there on the course. The golfer who does not believe in himself dwells on all the things that can go wrong. If when you are playing golf you have concerns about how good you are then already the shot is more likely to less successful. To be a successful golfer you need to remember yourself as a winning the match even when you do not come first. This can be pretty challenging but positive thinking has to come from you. Being successful is about focusing on what you know has gone well for your and not focusing on what you think you can't do.

Other important things to consider are visualisation, enjoying the challenge and not getting angry. Just be sure to consider all the good things that you can do when you are about to start playing any hole. If you really think about it golf is only a game and you should be able to have a good time whatever the result is. It can be infuriating at times but it can also be great when you do play well . The more you focus on the shots you have played well the more sensibly you will play overall. The more you love playing golf the the more you will win, remember that and you will be a much more consistent golfer.

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