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Cross-breeding certain dog breeds in order to get rid of unwanted traits, while trying to retain certain desired traits is getting more and more popular. Some are bred in an attempt to make good hunting dogs, others may be aimed at various forms of service dogs, and sometimes they're just trying to make dogs well suited for families. Certain dogs that are cross-bred have become commonly known lately as “designer dogs.”

One of the most popular type of designer dogs that have emerged are known as the “Goldendoodle.” Goldendoodles are a cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles. These dogs have been cross-bred for the main purpose of being a hypoallergenic dog. Originally Goldendoodles were developed as service dogs for those in need, but were hindered by allergies to dogs. They were trying to keep the dog smart and easily trainable, but get the trait of no shedding from the poodle. Unfortunately they amount of shedding varies from dog to dog. They can shed profusely, not shed at all, or shed anywhere between. But most seem to keep the non-shedding trait from the Poodle.

Since some of them don't shed, they are still successfully used as service dogs for allergic people. More commonly though, Goldendoodles have become a popular house pet. Since they retain many of the Golden Retriever's behavioral traits, they make really good family dogs. They are very good with children, are fairly easy to train, and get along with other dogs. Friendliness is always a good trait for a house dog, whether you have a family or not.

Having a Goldendoodle, like any dog, requires a lot of responsibility. You need to properly train them to make sure they behave and respond to you appropriately when they misbehave. They require regular exercise. Walks are the usual way to give a dog a workout. If you have a pool or access to a larger body of water, Goldendoodles are excellent swimmers and can get a workout that way. You will need to make sure to take care of their coat regularly. The best way is to thoroughly brush them every other day and bathe them once a month.

Due to the crossbreeding, Goldendoodles can vary quite a bit in size, color, and fluffiness. So finding a dog that is unique looking isn't too difficult. First generation Goldendoodles get the added bonus of hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is a trait unique to all first generation crossbred dogs. This means that for some reason as a result of the crossbreed they tend to be healthier, more resilient, and live longer than either of their parent breeds.

If you are looking into becoming the owner of a Goldendoodle, be sure you find an experienced Goldendoodle Breeder. Breeding, especially crossbreeding, is difficult to do properly and you do not want an animal from anyone who is not a professional breeder. Professional Goldendoodle Breeders will also normally offer some type of warranty on your new puppy.

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